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All the Ethereum purists, you should follow the Ethereum Classic news we provide, to get the latest stories about the network. If you decided to stick to the original Ethereum network after the hack, then you’ll be favoring ETC over ETH and looking at how the crypto is doing today. In our posts we’re talking exactly about that, how Ethereum Classic and its ETC are performing currently and what are the forecasts for their future, will ETC reach ETH in price, can the two even be compared, and how the token competes with the rest of the market. We’ll also give you some basic information if you’re not familiar with this token or cryptocurrency in general, to make the beginning of your trading journey easier.

What's this media all about?

Whether you think ETC is a thing of the past or a better version of ETH, you should follow the news about it, to learn in which direction it will go and if your opinion about it has been correct. See how the two Ethereums will compare in the future, and which one could be the best for you to trade or invest in and potentially get good returns.

What is Ethereum Classic News by Egorithms?

After the original Ethereum network got renamed to Ethereum Classic and the new ETH got its own blockchain, it gained popularity very quickly. But if you’re not curious about the new Ethereum and prefer the old one, we can be your website for Ethereum Classic news. On Egorithms you’ll be able to find analysis about ETC, comments and opinions from experts, predictions for the value of the crypto in the future, updates on its developments, and mentions of everything that’s happening with the project.

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If you’re looking for the latest news on all things ETC, then look no further than Ethereum Classic News. Our team of experts provides breaking news, analysis, and opinion on the ever-changing world of ETC. We also offer educational resources for those new to the space, so you can learn all about this fascinating topic. Stay up-to-date with us and you’ll be sure to stay ahead of the curve in the exciting world of Ethereum Classic!

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  • Being the go-to source for all the latest Ethereum Classic news
  • Breaking news, analysis, and opinion on the ETC world
  • Delivering educational resources for those new to Ethereum Classic
  • Helping you stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the exciting world of ETC!
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To make sure you won’t miss out on any Ethereum Classic news, be sure to frequently visit our website. But if that’s not enough for you, Egorithms is very active on social media and there you can give us a follow and see updates about every new post we make. Join our Telegram group too, and get notified as soon as we mention Ethereum Classic.

The new Ethereum may have outshined the original one but nobody can tell for certain how the future of ETC will unfold. That’s why you should follow our Ethereum Classic news, to be one of the first to learn all the details about the project. Check out our posts about ETC to hear about what’s going on with the crypto and what the future potentially holds for it.

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