Why does domain authority score fluctuate | 5 ways to avoid

Domain authority

Why does domain authority score fluctuate | 5 ways to avoid

SEO is not a one-time activity. You can’t remain laid back after setting your domain authority. Rather, you need to tinker with it from time to time. 

There is no one fits all tool to keep your Domain authority score constant forever. Are you frustrated by the sudden slump in your DA score? 

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Well, don’t be much anxious as I am going to give you some tips that will help you maintain a healthy score.  Let’s start without any fuss.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority was a term first coined by Moz. They developed a score for it. This score predicts the position of your website in search results. 

Its score ranges from 1 to 100. Obviously, the higher score website has high ranking ability whereas, a low score cannot make it through. 

In a competitive online environment, domain authority plays a vital role in out-ranking your competitor. If you have a lower score than your competitor then your website will be shown below or vice versa.

How DA works?

Machine learning algorithms take account of your website DA score. It finds how many times your website appears in the search results and correlates it with a logarithmic score. 

Nonetheless, a DA score comprises of these factors:

  • Spam score.
  • The number of internal links.
  • The number of links coming to your website.

It is a relative score which means your DA is not taken as it is. The site with the most backlinks with get the highest score and if another site gets more backlinks that, the whole DA scores with change and will range following the highest website.

To know where you stand, you can use a DA PA checker. This tool allows you to know the domain authority score of your website and you can stay updated by using this domain authority checker.

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Why it is important for SEO?

Search engine optimization follows Google ranking factors. In off-page SEO, link building is the main skill. Getting more links, a website ranks easily. Therefore, linking building is an important SEO factor.

DA score is all about backlinks and internal links so it has a close relationship with the website’s SEO. With that said, Moz categorically says that domain authority is not a Google ranking factor. 

Because Google algorithms are more complex as compared to Moz DA score and also more in number-200+ factors.

Moz DA score is rather a simple tool to know your website ranking. 

To compare it with Google’s score that estimates your Domain’s credibility is the Plage Rank algorithm that after assessing your website gives a rank score to your web pages.

With that said, that doesn’t mean domain authority does not have any effect on SERP ranking. You can nevertheless see a significant impact of DA on ranking.

Why DA score fluctuate?

As it is based on machine learning algorithms, they keep on changing with time because the algorithms continuously assess your domain authority along with your competitors’ so their link index changes.

Moreover, as this score is relative so it is a continuing struggle to earn more backlinks. This makes this score volatile. 

Because your competitor can acquire more backlinks over time and as a result, your score will change.

Similarly, large fluctuations came from the rolling out of domain authority 2.0  score that is, however, more updated and more accurate DA score. 

The main reason why Moz domain authority score fluctuates is that their crawlers, though crawl with great speed but take hundreds of hours to process. 

Therefore, fluctuations usually came. But, now they are trying to make it more like Google index algorithms that will work in real-time to solve this fluctuation issue.

Five ways to avoid DA score fluctuation:

There may be technical constraints behind sudden nosedive in your  Moz ranking score but are also some mishandling and gaps that can cause your score to fluctuate.

Avoid black hat linking practices:

Google has been very choosy in ranking your website. It passes authority to your website if you follow white hat SEO practices.

Unabated spamming and using links to manipulate your ranking can be a bitter pill to swallow later. 

Because Google can penalize you through its Penguin updates or it may even delete your website on your website permanently.

So you must avoid the nefarious activities that affect your ranking:

  • Don’t bargain links with money, gifts, or other offers.
  • Don’t post on forum sites to get more traffic.
  • Avoid getting links from spam websites.

These along with other bad SEO practices consequently deplete your ranking and your sudden decrease in DA score.

Avoid keyword stuffing:

It is another black-hat SEO technique that greatly affects your website SEO and domain authority.

 With the release of the Rankbrain algorithm, Google does not only fetch for the same keywords but also likes to see LSI keywords-essentially different words with the same meanings.

Google now ranks the content which has a variety of keywords de-ranks keyword-stuffed content. 

Thus, the website with a broad range of content gets a high DA whereas, a low-quality website DA is bound to fluctuate.

Repurposing old content:

As said before, SEO is a continuous struggle. It demands a lifetime to get your website ranked on Googe. Moreover, That’s why you have to make regular changes in your old content to make it rankable again on the SERPs.

However, if you avoid doing it you will see a decrease in ranking and continuous fluctuating without any stability.

You can do this by removing broken links, linking new high-quality websites, and updating your data. 

Get more social signals:

If you aren’t active on social media or you don’t know how to leverage your content through it, then you are bound to get a low DA score. 

Being active on social media and sharing your content frequently gets great authority and helps you gain more traffic.

Besides, it is s Google ranking factor. Therefore, you must calibrate your social media to gain a high DA score.

Focus on technical SEO:

Keeping your website technically sound also increases your DA score. But, if your website has some coding errors or isn’t good with development then you may get a slump in your Da score. 

Moreover, UI/UX matters more in this case as it helps to attract readers to your website. So, you need to tweak the technical SEO of your website to raise your domain authority score.

Summing up:

The domain authority score is a great metric to assess your website’s overall condition employs the best factors to know its ranking in search engines.

To stop your website from fluctuating you need to take the measure we have mentioned above. 

We cannot conclude SEO in five measures, it is a massive field so you should learn more insights if you want to rank on the first page.

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