Behind the Development of Mixonset – The Best AI DJ App for Mixing Songs

Best AI DJ App For Mixing Songs Software

Today we’re meeting Mixonset – an AI app that completely blew me away with its amazing features for mixing songs and DJing. No knowledge or preparation is needed – you just connect your favorite music library and start mixing. The amazing interface is so intuitive that you would definitely throw away your Virtual DJ. 

Learn more about the story of Zeyu Li – Founder & CEO and Boris But Co-Founder & CMO of Mixonset.

Zeyu is a technologist, researcher and financier who spent most of his life playing music and DJing. When Zeyu was living in Toronto, he was an application consultant for investment banks in the day, and DJed at different clubs at night. He eventually realized his true passion for music and quit his finance job to start Mixonset. He combined his AI research and DJ expertise to invent the Mixonset algorithm, and built the entire Mixonset app from scratch.

Boris has a keen interest in the intersection between creativity and business, believing that’s where real innovation can be brought to life. Boris worked at various award-winning startups where he honed his skills in marketing, public relations and content writing. Boris grew up practicing baritone opera and has performed jazz vocals in Copenhagen and Hong Kong. He also published his poetry book aged 18 and was an editor for a Montreal publication.

Why did you decide to build Mixonset

Zeyu has 3 tech degrees in comp sci/math/music technology, and has been a freelance musician and DJ for many years while working as a developer on trading desks. In 2016, he had the idea to build an AI DJ after reading about Alpha Go on the news. An AI software had finally beaten the world’s best player in Go, a game that’s even more unpredictable and complex than chess. He realized he could use similar deep learning algorithms to train the computer to do what he does with DJing, and spent two years researching and developing the technology to accomplish such a task.

After Mixonset’s proprietary technology was built, he partnered with me on a mission to democratize music mixing – turning this AI algorithm into an app that everyone can enjoy.

AI DJ App for mixing songs - Mixonset

How far are you in the development of the AI DJ software so far? What can the app do?

We’ve made a lot of progress on our AI DJ software. We’ve looked at the different aspects of what makes a great DJ and broke it down into 3 main components: mixing, discovery, and curation. 

The heart and soul of Mixonset is our Smart Mix.

Our AI is trained to understand song structure, and actually identify the best part of a track and play just those 1-2 minutes. After that, the app can create really sweet crossfades that blend tracks smoothly.

In terms of music discovery, Mixonset does it better than any other music platform because instead of just finding a song you might like, we care more about when the right song is played for you. We do this by analyzing your queue based on beats per minute (BPM) and energy level, and inserting songs that make sense at the right moments in your mix. That’s how we developed Fill the Gaps, where you can choose the percentage of new songs in your mix anywhere from 20% to 300%.

Lastly, we also have music filters that curate your mix like a DJ. These are tap-and-go filters similar to those for Google Maps, but instead you can filter songs by similar Artists, BPM, energy level, recency, and even explicit songs (useful if you have a family gathering!). They are easy and powerful.

All these components come out to a cohesive user experience that brings the feeling of having a personal DJ into all the nooks and crannies of your everyday life, whether you’re driving to work, cooking dinner, or just having a good time with your friends.

AI DJ App for mixing songs - Mixonset

What’s next on your product roadmap? Any new features which we can expect such as Mixonset for PC or Andorid?

In 10 years, instead of finding the right song to play, people will simply press our Smart Mix™ button on their phones, car players, or smart wearables, then sit back to enjoy a smooth mix. 

That’s why we’re looking at expanding Mixonset into as many platforms as possible. We’re currently building an integration to SoundCloud. We’re also going to work on Apple CarPlay, since there’s huge potential in smart car players.

We always get asked “When are you building Android?”, but that is going to be a huge undertaking. We’re waiting for the capital and manpower before we can start on that project.

Let’s talkt Music x AI: In your opinion, what’s the future of music generation? Is AI going to boost or suppress artists’ creativity?

Technology expands our creativity – those possibilities of beauty. When DJs were to cutting and mixing old soul samples in the 1970s, they weren’t destroying that warm, shimmering sound. They were taking something beautiful and creatively imagining what it could sound like simply by rearranging parts differently.

Technology does not take away from the art in music – technology liberates music.

That’s what we’re trying to do at Mixonset. Our AI can turn every passive listener into a creator. Now anyone can something new by mixing your favorite tracks and transforming them into a unique blend of sounds.

Want to try the app?
Here’s a Future Bass mix made by the cofounder and CEO, Zeyu.
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How can the community support you and invest in your venture?

The best way to support us is to use the Mixonset app.

Mixonset is not just a party music app, the AI DJ is versatile in any listening space and enhances how you experience music everyday. If you like using Mixonset, tell your friends about it.

Mixonset works on a freemium model, so as long as you have a subscription to Spotify Premium, Apple Music, or Tidal, you can mix songs for free. You can use the Pro version to get more Highlights (what we call the best parts of songs) and also use unlimited features.

We’re also looking to raise money so that we can hire more talented developers and finally get to building Android, not to mention some top-secret features that will further revolutionize what we think music streaming can do.

The potential of AI in music is sensational, and we’d love for you to reach out to us if you’re interested in supporting us in any way possible. You can reach Boris (our cofounder and CMO) at 


Pre-made rap mixing set for live djs performance

Here is our personal #1 fave rap party playlist made with Mixonset. If you play this playlist on the app (in this very specific order) you will be able to enjoy amazing transitions which feel like you’re a PRO DJ. 

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