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You’ve probably heard of Bulgaria, a small country in Southeast Europe. But did you know that enthusiasts and innovators from this country have contributed greatly to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world? Inspired by Vladislav Dramaliev’s post about the Bulgarian blockchain and crypto ecosystem, we decided to introduce some of the leading companies in the sector created by Bulgarians and give more information about them. We also give special thanks to Quanterall, Sofia Crypto Meetup, and the Bulgarian Fintech Association for the inspiration and idea for this blog post.

Now check out the Top Bulgarian Blockchain Companies in the Fintech & Crypto Ecosystem in 2022

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BoneX Mining Oasis

The BoneX Mining Oasis, part of the BoneX platform, provides mining equipment. They have no maximum volumes of orders which allows easy transactions both for small and large operations.

Hashrate Hotel

Hashrate Hotel stores and optimized mining equipment. The location has video surveillance, access control, round-the-clock physical security, and is equipped with a modern ventilation system.

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    The bulgarian crypto queen

    Unfortunately, we can’t miss mentioning another project that while has gathered a lot of attention, wasn’t for a good reason. One of the biggest frauds in the financial world and the biggest cryptocurrency scam so far also has a Bulgarian part in it. OneCoin, created by the Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova, the infamous “Cryptoqueen” (and several American partners), has been reported to have stolen from people over $4 billion worldwide. The Cryptoqueen has gone missing but the investigation continues today. 

    About the bulgarian blockchain ecosystem

    The Blockchain Industry in Eastern Europe

    The number of blockchain companies in Eastern Europe surely seems impressive, right? As this is the place where many of the innovations in the sector emerged, you may wonder what are the reasons behind it.

    There are multiple factors influencing individuals to join the crypto world from the region. Firstly, the location allows innovators to start their companies with smaller taxes, compared to other countries. The following financial expenses that blockchain companies in Eastern Europe have are also considerably smaller than for example in the US. However, don’t get confused that the smaller maintenance taxes mean lesser quality. The region has some of the most talented and experienced specialists in the world. 

    A big part of the reason why the people who create and work in blockchain companies in Eastern Europe can compete in the field with specialists from bigger countries is the quality education provided in the region. The courses provided by organizations like Finance Academy and Quanterall Academy cultivate talents and give them endless possibilities in the crypto sector, by providing them with a solid education, to start building their careers. The experts from the region are highly motivated to contribute to the blockchain world and having seen the companies they’ve created, it’s obvious that they’re influencing the sector worldwide.

    The blockchain companies in Eastern Europe seem to be pushing the whole industry towards further progress, growing the community in the region and helping it thrive and reach the worldwide established standards. It is worth to get to know the top Bulgarian Blockchain Companies in the Fintech & Crypto Ecosystem in 2022.

    The Top Blockchain Companies in Bulgaria

    The Top Bulgarian blockchain companies act as the heart of this technology in Europe. Trained and educated specialists from Bulgaria have created companies that everyone who deals with cryptocurrencies knows and uses, from exchanges to crypto data providers. That’s why it’d be very smart to trust specialists from the top blockchain companies in Bulgaria if you want to join this developing tech field.

    You may have not heard of the country, but now that you know how many famous companies in the sector were created by Bulgarians, aren’t you curious about what else they’ve got to provide? It’s certain that the small size of the country doesn’t correspond with the big goals innovators from Bulgarian blockchain companies have. If you’re a company that wants to deal with blockchain, you can definitely count on Bulgarian specialists to help you out.

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    The Future of Eastern European Crypto and Blockchain Companies

    Are you surprised how many worldwide famous crypto companies were created in Eastern Europe or by Bulgarian entrepreneurs? The Bulgarian crypto community certainly is thriving and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

    The blockchain companies in Eastern Europe are growing every day, but not only that, the quality of their services and the competencies of their employees, are on a worldwide level.

    If you are looking to work with a company in the field, the Eastern European crypto companies may be one of the best choices you could make. You will be able to get expert services from professionals who are outgrowing their surroundings and catching up to Western competitors really fast.

    The blockchain companies in Eastern Europe are definitely worth following if you’re interested in the sector or you just want to know what services to use as a crypto enthusiast. Look forward to the progress of the specialists from the region, as they seem like they’re aiming for the top.

    Thank you for reading our list of Top Bulgarian Blockchain Companies in the Fintech & Crypto Ecosystem in 2022.