How to make money in Web3 | Examples & Ideas

how to make money in web3

Today we’ll answer one common question – how to make money in Web3. We’ve selected some examples and ideas, so keep reading.

Why investors should consider investing in Web3

Many large corporations believe that there is money to be made in the development of Web3 ideas. This is indicated by the investment of market participants in the concept. In particular, representatives of the crypto industry are moving in the designated direction. For example, in early June 2022, information appeared on the network that the Binance crypto exchange had raised $500 million to invest in Web3 startups.

Many companies are busy developing their projects related to the development of the blockchain Internet. For example, online broker Robinhood is developing its own Web3 wallet, and Solana Mobile is releasing an Android phone for Web3.

How to make money in Web3?

Now we’re going to check out different ways we can make money in Web3 and the Metaverse with examples.

Stocks that *may* make you money on Web3

Against the backdrop of a general downtrend in 2022, the shares of many companies that are working on the development of the Web3 direction have fallen. A period of price decline may open prospects for buying securities at attractive prices. Consider those stocks as an option making money on Web3.


Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN)

Coinbase became the first crypto company in the US to go public. The crypto exchange made a direct listing of its shares under the ticker COIN on Nasdaq on February 14, 2021. Read more about how Coinbase got public status in our material .

The crypto exchange is involved in the Web3 industry. For example, Coinbase supports the development of many blockchain companies by helping them sell their native tokens. The exchange also provides assistance to many third-generation Internet infrastructure developers, including Solana and BlockFi.

In parallel, Coinbase integrates tools into its platform that help marketplace users interact with Web3. For example, through a crypto exchange, one can access the decentralized finance ( DeFi ) market.


Apple has largely gained popularity due to its technological innovations. Developments have made the organization one of the most profitable in the world. In 2021, Forbes once again named Apple the most successful American company.

Despite the fact that the organization has not publicly announced the launch of projects in the field of Web3, market participants believe that sooner or later its developers will use the direction technologies. This is indicated by the organization’s interest in related developments. For example, in April 2022, information appeared on the network that Apple was looking for a cryptocurrency expert.

Many of the company’s competitors, such as Samsung, are already using Web3 elements in their work. Therefore, as many market participants believe, Apple will not be able to ignore the direction technologies for a long time.


Speaking of technology giants, it would be remiss not to mention IBM. The company was founded in 1911. Today IBM is one of the most famous computer technology developers in the world.

International Business Machines Corporation has been a market leader in technology companies for more than a century. Despite this, IBM can be called a “sleeping giant” that can “awaken” the movement towards Web3.

Representatives of the International Business Machines Corporation recognize the potential of the concept of the third generation of the Internet and are actively exploring the possibilities of using technologies in their projects. Therefore, investing in IBM gives users access to earning on the development of Web3.


NVIDIA is a computer company whose work is inextricably linked with Web3 development. First of all, the organization is known for its graphics processing units (GPU), which are used not only by gamers, but also by miners around the world. This is largely why the company has benefited enormously from the growth of the 2021 cryptocurrency market.

Today, NVIDIA is actively investing in the development of new technologies, which, among other things, are closely related to the development of the third generation Internet. The company also enters into partnership agreements with market participants to develop Web3. Therefore, investing in NVDA opens up an opportunity for users to capitalize on the growth of the third generation Internet.

Unity Software Inc (U)

Unity Technologies was founded in 2004 in Denmark. The company later moved to San Francisco and became one of the most important players in the video game industry. In many ways, the development of the organization is connected with the demand on the market for its licensed game engine – Unity. The program is used by many developers of popular video games and applications.

In 2018, Unity Software set out to aggressively expand. The company began to invest in the development of applications for new platforms and consoles. Also in Unity Software drew attention to virtual reality. The company became interested in developments in the Web3 segment and the metaverse market .

Unity Software’s interest in technologies related to the development of the third generation Internet can be earned through investments in the organization’s shares.

Please, first. learn how to invest in web3

how to make money in web3

Airdrops, or free tokens from Web3 Projects

In fact, and increasingly, airdrops are part of the ICO/IDO campaigns, which include the bounty campaign, respectively. 

So, among the “air” tokens recieved from airdrops, we can distinguish:

  1. AirProps-via-Subscription : usually on ICOdrops or similar services, including CoinMarketCap;
  2. Airdrops through direct use : if you use the product (service) correctly, you will be rewarded with tokens (ENS, UNI, etc.)*
  3. Airprops for possession  (used, but less often);
  4. Fan airprops – for participation in other blockchain projects (a good example is the accrual of tokens to Buterin’s public wallet; the second example is the creation of a DAO based on the fact that there was activity on OpenSea). 

The numbers vary: from a few cents (fan) to tens of thousands of USD (airdrop for possession and use). 

Start a Web 3.0 business

This also includes an open list:

  1. Conditionally “humanitarian” business:
    1. Legal;
    2. Financial and economic (consulting, audit, development of tokenomics, etc.);
    3. Marketing & PR & advertising of various kinds;
    4. Other;
  2. Conditionally technical:
    1. Development of smart contracts and other programs;
    2. Audit of smart contracts and other services;
    3. Related developments (from classic site to dAPP); 
    4. Separately, I will highlight participation in hackathons : this is a way of self-financing for startups;
  3. Business intermediary ( although this sounds like a paradox ):
    1. Creation of an exchange;
    2. Analytical platforms like Zapper;
    3. Non-custodial crypto wallets ;
    4. Other services;

Business is a dangerous but rewarding journey. I note that today the crypto market is poorly developed: seek SEO, innovative types of advertising.

Basic DeFi mechanics you can use to earn money

  1. Standard deposit (one of the subspecies of staking, if you think about it) – on the same AAVE;
  2. Creating pools and adding liquidity to them : even on a near-centralized Uniswap;
  3. Issuance of loans (the so-called “landing”):
  4. Other. 

Direct investments

It would be more correct to say – direct investments in tokens and other assets:

  1. Through ICO / IDO / etc., that is, the entrance to the initial placement of project assets: perhaps the most interesting and most dangerous area;
  2. Creation of portfolios 
  3. Creation of own crypto -f unds;
  4. Other mechanics. 

Get a job in Web3 and make money out of it

Step #1. Study the field and its directions

To understand the prospects and opportunities for earning, it is necessary to determine the structure of the industry. It is not overly ornate, we distinguish four large categories.

1. Cryptoanalytics

Now the crypto space is moving towards a stage of maturity, which leads to an increase in the number of analysts. To become one of them, not only an interest in digital currencies will come in handy, but also experience in the field of finance.

2. Development

New projects and cryptocurrencies are created almost daily, so the demand for developers will be high for a long time to come. Fighting exchange hacks, vulnerabilities in many blockchains require qualified employees, which means that the prospects for this profession are very strong.

Work in this direction attracts many. The team is often young and active – they are happy to accept new employees into their ranks. Usually Blockchain engineers, developers of Smart contracts for Solidity, DevOps Blockchain engineers are required.

3. Security specialists (for example, Security Architect).
4. Quality specialists (QA Engineer).

Well.. there are some of our ideas on how to make money in web3. We really hope that those asnwered your questions. Let us know if you need anything additional information.

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