Best AI Copywriting Tools: TOP 7 Softwares in 2022 (Compare)

Best AI Tools for Copywriting: TOP 6 in 2021
Take a look at our list of the Best AI copywriting tools in 2021 – top 6 list of platforms, software and website. Hire the best AI copywriter. Yes, copywriting is a vital skill for any entrepreneur. But according to Ted Nicholas of Cyber Copy, “copy that doesn’t work can easily lead people to click the exit button, turn the page, or close the tab.”
Nicholas advises you to learn how to write with artificial intelligence. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of what we think are the very best AI tools for copywriters. This list includes programs and websites that use AI algorithms and machine learning to improve your content creation process.

Copywriting with the help of Artificial Intelligence

AI can help one with anything. Now AI can even create content.

It can provide a variety of assistance with copywriting work, including the production of original content and even providing insights into how engaging or readable your work may be for the audience.

If you have been considering picking up a tool that assists with some aspects of your graphics and web design, there are a number of options that offer AI-powered features as well.

Here is our list of the best AI copywriting tools and AI copywriting softwares for content creation with the help of algorithms:

Best AI Tools for Copywriting: TOP 6 in 2021
  1. Anyword

Anyword is a platform where marketers can generate and optimize their marketing copy with the help of AI. Trained on over $250M worth of ad spend, Anyword knows what works and converts. Every variation is given a Performance Prediction Score, which can forecast how well it will do before a campaign even runs.

You can adjust the tone of voice of your copywriting. There’s also an “Improve with AI” feature. What amazes me the most was that their algorithm PREDICTS which audience would be most likely to relate to a certain copy (with a demographic histogram).


✅ Only a link to your web page is needed to start writing

✅ You can generate social media ads, Google ads, landing page copy, email subject line, entire blogs, and more

✅ Predictive Performance Score saves time and $$$ on A/B testing

✅ Custom mode learns your brand language

✅ Continues optimization for landing pages


Starter plan gives only 15,000 words

❌Only English language supported

2. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI can write anything in real time. The service feels like you’ve hired a PR team to work for you. To start, you just have to enter a short brief about the topic and the purpose of the text. The brief has to be written just like you are explaining a task to a real copywriting team. 


✅ Real-time Writing & Editing

✅ Copywriter and AI can collaborate together


❌ You have to fact check 

❌ Doesn’t provide you with a list of sources

3. AI-Writer

AI-Writer is an amazing service. It creates content based on a headline. Once you register, you have a free trial of a couple of days and computing units which you can use for creating content. Nicely developed software.


✅ Has free trial

✅ Can create unqiue content for articles

✅ Can research a topic for you and create a list of sources

✅ Can rephrase content (rewording tool)

✅ Has API option and available documentation for developers

✅ Basic paid verison is just 19€/month

✅ It recognizes 11.66% of the used source websites and only 5.53% of the generated words can be identified as ‘copied’.

✅ Lists you all sources


❌ No Real-Time Editing, users recieve the final version of the text

❌ You can’t collaborate with the tool in the copywriting process

❌ You have to be careful when choosing the right headline in order to prevent misconception of the topic

❌ Sometimes new users don’t recieve a confirmation e-mail

❌ Customer support is slow


4. Copy-AI

Copy-AI helps you with coming up with marketing content. It’s cool and free to use for the first 7 days. Has a wide variety of different ways to elevate your content. Cool software, for sure.


✅ Great for Social Media

✅ Great for Brand voice 

✅ Saves times for “filler” content that isn’t that important

✅ Great for USP Marketing  & Brand Motto Ideas


❌ Doesn’t write articles

❌ Sometimes suggestions aren’t too accurate

❌ The pricing plan is $35/month which is too pricy compared to other AI-driven tools that provide articles and much more content

5.  Writesonic

With Writesonic you can create copywriting for different purposes – Ads, Blogs, Landing Pages, Product Descriptions, Ideas and more in seconds. It’s amazing and has a free tool. The platform (ai writer) is also used by a lot of big companies around the world which is a plus. 


✅ You can test the service live on the homepage + free trial is available

✅ It can write in 20+ languages 😱

✅ AI writes all kinds of copy for you


❌ Starter pricing plan of the software gives you as little as just 75 credits, would recommend the Professional plan which is better


6.  ArticleForge

Article Forge is an AI-writer. This platform writes high quality content. Artificial Intelligence copywriting done by software that helps you create unique content for several topics such as finance, technology, business, health or local topics too.


✅ Only keyword needed to start writing

✅ Copywriting done in less than 60 seconds… WOW

✅ 100% Unique content

✅ Foreign Languages Artificial Intelligence Copywriting in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish!


❌ Website is kind of messy

❌ Not sure how many active users are on the platform


7.  Articoolo

Articoolo is a artificial intelligence writer. Try out this software for copywriting done by an algorithm. Enjoy algorithm-generated articles.

This AI writer platform claims that it’s “Reinventing textual content creation” and it’s pretty good, we have to be honest. Great tool, great software.


✅ Create, Rewrite, Summarize Articles & Generate Quotes

✅ It can find images

✅ Gives copywriting prompts for writers

✅  Yahoo, TechCrunch, TNW and Inc. have talked about the service


❌ Website looks very oldschool and tacky

❌ If you don’t login, you can’t see all the services

Jasper AI

Jasper works with artificial intelligence and makes it fast and easy to create content for any purpose. That’s a copywriter’s best friend if you have a blog, social media, website or just need some help brainstorming.

They get 10,000 bonus credits when you sign up with my referral link.

Thank you for reading our article on the best AI copywriting articles, best AI writers, tools, softwares and platforms. We hope that you make use of them in the best way possible!

Thank you for reading!

AI copywriting or hiring real Copywriters?

Note: AI Writers =/= Real copywriters

AI copywriting tools are good, but copywriters are experienced professionals who should be trusted. Make sure that all content is checked by an expert before sharing it with the world. Also, make sure that you can legally use the content that you have AI-generated.

Benefits of AI copywriting: Why should you use AI copywriting can help you?

  • AI copywriting boosts your performance
  • AI copywriting saves you money, time, and effort
  • AI copywriting can improve the quality of your service
  • AI copywriting is great for digital agencies and startups
  • AI copywriting improves digital marketing

We hope you liked our article on the top 6 AI copywriting services, platforms, tools, and AI writers. We will continue to give you updates on our top favorite software lists for Artificial Intelligence-driven technology.

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