Top 5 Open Source Artificial Intelligence Projects

Top 5 Open Source Artificial Intelligence Projects

Innovation are certainly flourishing at the interface between open source and artificial intelligence. Of course, this tendency is no surprise. So take a look of our list of top 5 open source artificial intelligence projects.

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The Development of Open Source Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects

Today there is a great interest in open sourcing and investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) open source projects. 

Companies like Google, Facebook and IBM are now open. They are still in the early stages of their AI projects, involving machine learning. Their goal is to use the fast-growing technology of the future for the next big innovation and to invest in the development of open sources AI projects. 

When companies build AI systems, they either use available open source algorithms, or use commercial black box AI systems, or build their own from scratch. 

Open source libraries for artificial intelligence are an excellent place for beginners to improve their machine learning skills. If you use TensorFlow, working on an open source project and reading the code can help you learn a lot. If you want to use your knowledge of artificial intelligence for projects in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), you should definetley research some libraries. If you want to work with Python – based artificial intelligence – you should look at the possibilities of Scikit learning.

1. Facebook’s Open Source AI Hub

Do you remember when Facebook developed an open source project called Torchnet to speed up AI research? This was a gamechanger for the industry which left a serious blueprint.


Today everyone can visit the AI Facebook Hub and learn more about projects that will be soon open-sourced. Some of the amazing AI solutions is DensePose which helps the process of mapping images to 3D surfaces.

2. Google’s Open Source Artificial Intelligence Project – DeepMind Lab

Similarly to Facebook, Google also has a open-source artificial intelligence project called DeepMind Lab. They acquired it in 2014. This lab is paying particular attention to expanding the use of AI to other areas and is posting amazing publications and revolutionary researches for free use. There’s also a fun Google AI portal which you can access and find stunning tools such as TensorFlow – a paltform for machine learning.

Top 5 Open Source Artificial Intelligence Projects
Top 5 Open Source Artificial Intelligence Projects

3. Microsoft’s Open Source Artificial Intelligence Project – AI Lab

AI Lab is Microsoft’s open source AI intelligence project featuring amazing solutions such as Snip Insights – a solution for converting a captured image into a translated text. It even includes and auto detecting and auto tagging of image content. Another amazing solution is the Code Defect AI which predicts source code files carrying a higher risk of a bug.

Top 5 Open Source Artificial Intelligence Projects
Top 5 Open Source Artificial Intelligence Projects

4. BigMart’s Open Source Artificial Intelligence Project for Sales Prediction

BigMart’s sales forecast is one of the most popular artificial intelligence projects currently on the market. It is capable of reliably performing frequent computer tasks, tracking the sales data and predicting future demand. This open source project has the potential to manage huge warehouses and store big data.

5. Linux’s Open Source Artificial Intelligence Project  – Acumos

 Acumos is an organization of the Linux Foundation that supports the development of projects in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 

Another amazing open source AI solution by Linux’s team is the AI Explainability 360 – “an open-source library that supports the interpretability and explainability of datasets and machine learning models“. The algorithms included in AI Explainability 360 cover different dimensions of explanations along with proxy explainability metrics.

Bonus: H20 – The open-source machine learning platform for the enterprise

The H20 platform is used in the development of machine learning models. There are many other open source machine learning tools which you can find there. If you are trying to test an open source artificial intelligence platform, you must choose the one that suits you best.

The above mentioned open source projects have contributed a lot to the field of artificial intelligence. Typically free of the constraints of a business environment, they are often implemented into ground-breaking projects such as deep learning apps, machine learning platforms, and deep neural networks. 

Open source projects with AI have also created a huge number of new jobs in high-demand such as AI engineer.

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So, what do you think? Are you still wondering if you should test this top 5 open source AI projects. If you are a newcomer to a well-known project, this is the best list of open source AI software projects for beginners.

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