The Best R&D Labs 2021: Innovation Top 5

The Best R&D Labs 2021_ Innovation Top 5

Let’s take a look at the best 10 R&D Labs For Innovation in 2021. Our list shows the professionals and most exclusive and high-tech engineering teams of the world.

Anyone working for a large incumbent company has probably noticed the sudden rise of a new trend. As innovation is synonymous with economic growth, many traditional companies rely on the concept of innovation laboratories.

What is an R&D Innovation Lab?

These experimental workplaces, often referred to as “innovation laboratories,” are closed off from their parent company and have the ability to create disruptive new technologies before external competitors do so. The work in these laboratories consists of research, development, testing and development of new products and services for the company. 

Of course, many of the best innovation laboratories require immense resources and powerful companies, but these firms take a rigid approach and operate in highly regulated industries.

Innovation laboratories are organisations that conduct experiments and are tasked with developing, implementing and iterating new ideas until the idea is fully implemented and integrated into the business. It is really crucial that innovation laboratories provide value that goes beyond the value of the corporate strategy, whatever that may be.

These laboratories are successful when these two components come together: the right people and the right ideas. 

R&D Innovation Lab #1: Xerox and GreenCentre Canada Collab

Co – Xerox Campus is home to the Research, Innovation and Commercialization Center, which supports start-ups, and GreenCentre Canada, which aims to commercialize green energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. These laboratories are located away from the company headquarters and work more closely with the city’s innovation ecosystem.

The placement is a notable mention, as Innovation laboratories should be located in a central location. It is believe that this impacts the workflow and teams can do their best to avoid being influenced by everyday projects that already embed processes in the process. A laboratory that is somewhat remote and separate from its core business is best suited to pursuing truly disruptive innovations. 

R&D Innovation Lab #2: WarnerMedia

Much of the innovation and experimentation comes from the WarnerMedia Innovation Lab, a research and development center in London, UK. The laboratory was founded with the aim of establishing a 5G network with a focus on digital media in its first year of operation.

R&D Innovation Lab #3: CSIL, California

Fun fact: Research laboratories are exemplified by research often focused on theoretical research, which may yield patents but not always products or profits. The most famous facility of this kind is the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSIL) at the University of California, San Diego. 

R&D Innovation Lab #4: Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Sibley Innovation Hub

The Sibley Innovation Hub at the University of California, San Diego is the largest and most advanced research and development facility in the world. Its research is focused on community hospitals. It aims to improve healthcare. The teams are always trying out alternative medicine approaches in order to revolutionize the clinical process flow.

R&D Innovation Lab #5: Microsoft Research

With such a tech giant, it is not surprising that Microsoft’s innovation laboratory, Microsoft Research, is in the top 5% of the nation. It collaborates with the University of California, Berkeley and a number of other technology giants including Google, Apple, Facebook, Google Ventures, Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, HP, Oracle, Samsung, Sony, Siemens and others. 

R&D Innovation Lab #6: The X Company

X is the innovation laboratory where some of Alphabet’s biggest projects take place, such as the final work of Google’s self-driving car companies Google Glass and Google Fiber. 

R&D Innovation Lab #6: The Cornerstone Innovation Lab for AI

The Cornerstone Innovation Lab for AI is a center of excellence comprised of more than 1,000 scientists and engineers from the University of California, Berkeley, who specialize in innovative practical and ethical ways to apply AI technology in the workplace. In addition to promoting innovation in AI, there is also a continuing effort to educate people about the benefits of AI in its ethical and responsible implementation. 

R&D Innovation Lab #7: DuPont

DuPont has numerous innovation centers around the world, forming a network of more than 9,000 scientists and engineers. It helps new and established companies grow by offering training, mentoring and mentorship, as well as research and development opportunities for its employees. 

R&D Innovation Lab #8: PayPal

The PayPal Innovation Lab works with local universities in research and development to develop and implement fintech products and services.

R&D Innovation Lab #9: The Capital One Lab

The Capital One Lab is committed to developing innovative products, engineering and solutions that benefit of the companyand its customers. In the heart of the financial district of New York City, just blocks from the headquarters of the US Treasury Department, it houses more than 1,000 scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

R&D Innovation Lab #10: Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is the innovative home of engineers. They are the ones who come up with crazy ideas and add the fun to them. The engineering teams of Boston Dynamics are reliable for making robots less scary for the public. Some sources say that Boston Dynamics was the alternative version of the MIT.

The Best R&D Labs 2021: Innovation Top 5
The Best R&D Labs 2021: Innovation Top 5

The Alexander Wacker Innovation Award For Best R&D Labs

The Alexander Wacker Innovation Award recognizes the most innovative and innovative research and development facilities and laboratories in the USA. Investment in research and development and laboratories is broken down by sector to show the number of patents produced by laboratories in each sector

Where are the best R&D Innovation Labs?

San Francisco is consistently the number one innovator and is among the top 5 cities worldwide for research, development and innovation. 

The US has a lot of innovation and research and development facilities and laboratories in the country. Some are more successful than others, of course. This is our list of top ten R&D innovation Labs that the world has to offer. Without them most companies will not be able to come to you with their own ideas for the next generation of products and services. That’s why we look at R&D Innovation Labs as a source of inspiration for society.

The Best R&D Labs 2021: Innovation Top 5
The Best R&D Labs 2021: Innovation Top 5

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