Binance Residential Address Pending – How to Fix?

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Whether you’re thinking of registering on the largest crypto exchange Binance and looking for what to be cautious about in the process, or you’re completing your account verification and you’ve encountered an issue, there’s a thing you should know. When registering on the exchange, you may have encountered your Binance residential address pending. This can occur in the last step of verifying your account and if it does, slow you from accessing the crypto market.

If you’re having issues with the Binance residential address pending, here we may be able to provide some clarity for you. We’ll provide some additional information on the account confirmation, how long does Binance take to verify your account, and what may be the solution for your pending address. Keep reading to possibly solve your Binance registration issues.

Binance Residential Address Pending: Why Does Binance Need My Address at All?

Binance is a centralized exchange. What this means is that the platform for crypto trading complies with the know-your-customer (KYC) regulations, applied to prevent money laundering. That’s why when you’re registering in Binance or any centralized exchange, you’ll have to provide some kind of identification document to prove that you’re a real person. Binance is a reputable exchange that aims to deliver secure trading to its users. That’s why it applies the verification processes in a couple of steps, including address details and real-time face verification, to confirm everyone on the platform is a legitimate user and not a scammer.

If you’re not willing to provide your personal information to the exchange, you’ve got the option of using a decentralized one where you won’t be asked for such details. If you pick one of them, though, you won’t get help from the platform if something goes wrong with your cryptos. However, if you’re wondering about the Binance residential address pending issues, it’s safe to assume that you’ve either encountered the problem, or you’re getting information on how to avoid it.

That’s why here we’ll explain in detail how to properly verify your account in Binance to avoid the problem. But we’ll also help you find out what caused the issue if your Binance residential address pending already happened.

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How to Verify Your Account Properly to Avoid Binance Residential Address Pending

Whether you decide to register on the Binance website or the app, you’ll have to go through two different types of verification for your account, a mandatory and an optional one. The mandatory verification is called security verification and it’s done by entering a code sent to your email by Binance. If you’re creating an account on the website, you have 30 minutes to enter the code and verify your account. However, your time is a lot more limited if you’ve picked the app, as you’ll have only 10 minutes there. This is a mandatory verification and without it you can’t create an account.

The second verification, where the Binance residential address pending may occur, is the optional one called identity verification. You may skip it but your use of the exchange will be very limited, as only verified users can take full advantage of the platform’s features. There are three levels of verification, each with different pricing and limits to trading to choose from. 

Let’s quickly cover how you should properly verify your identity and what to look for so you can avoid the Binance residential address pending issue:

  1. After registering and passing the security verification, to User Center in your account and select Identification. If you’ve just registered in Binance, there’ll be a button Get verified on the homepage of the website
  2. Choose Start Now to begin the process
  3. Select the country where you’re residing, it should match the one on your ID later
  4. Enter the required personal information for your location, including residential address, but be careful, since it can’t be altered once confirmed. Click Continue
  5. Upload clear pictures of either your ID card, passport, or driver’s license
  6. Click Upload File to upload a selfie after the documents
  7. Show your face to the computer or app camera (you can switch between the two for this part)
  8. Now it’s left for Binance to verify your account

You only have 15 minutes to complete this process. If you fail somehow, you have 10 tries in 24 hours. If you can’t manage to complete it within those attempts, you have to wait 24 more hours to try again.

Depending on how many people are sending their identification information for verification, it may take from 1 up to 10 days for Binance to verify your account. That’s why if your Binance residential address pending is happening in this period it may be normal. However, if the set time has passed and you’re still having this problem, you may need to take further steps to fix it.

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What Caused the Binance Residential Address Pending Issue

There are several things that could cause your Binance residential address pending issue, including invalid documents, incomplete residential tackle, failure to fill the verification form on time, or a hack on the platform. Let’s go over each of them to help you recognize what may be causing the issue for you.

Invalid Documents

You’re required to upload photos of an identification document, as well as address details and any residential data that’s required, based on your location. If you’ve uploaded unclear photos of the needed documents, or your account address and your document address don’t match, that may cause your Binance residential address pending to occur.

Incomplete Residential Tackle

If you’ve filled in your zip code wrong or you got another typo in your address, this could be another reason for your Binance residential address pending. Just as you have to fill the same address in your account as in your documents, you should be very careful to actually fill in the right data, following the numbers and letters are completely correct. Otherwise, Binance may not accept your verification application.

Failure to Fill the Verification Form on Time

As we mentioned, you only have 15 minutes to fill in the verification form. Once they’re over, you’ll receive an add failure. This will mean that not only did you fail to get your address right, but you should go ahead and try again to verify your account. You have 10 tries for that in 24 hours so if you don’t get any of those right and on time again, you’ll have to wait another 24 hours to try again. To avoid this you may want to prepare all the needed documents and information, check what you need in the section we discussed identity verification earlier on, and act in a more timely manner.

A Hack on the Platform

It’s not uncommon for exchanges to be attacked by hackers. Since Binance prioritizes the security of its users, if it senses a possible attack, it’ll cease all actions and your Binance residential address pending may continue until the problem is solved.

Here there may be two reasons for an exploit – a real threat on the platform, caused by someone else, or Binance suspecting you as a threat. If the second case occurs, it may be caused by your logging in from many different IPs, answering safety questions wrong, accessing the account from an unsupported country, having many typos in the submissions, and other issues. Even if you’re not plotting a crypto scam, you may become suspicious to Binance if you’ve made one of the listed mistakes, causing your whole account to be pending to get verified.

You may as well also have become a victim of a platform error, some temporary bug that marked you as suspicious and had your Binance residential address pending infinitely.

How to Fix Binance Residential Address Pending

Did you recognize why your Binance residential address pending occurred when you read some of the possible reasons? The best course of action to solve this issue is to contact the platform. If you found out what cause the problem for you, it would be best when asking for help. But even if you’re not sure, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Open a new help ticket, using Binance’s customer support services
  2. Fill out the ticket kind
  3. In the field Please describe your request intimately you should type in “Reset my account verification stage again to Fundamental verification” to solve your Binance residential address pending
  4. Click Submit


If you’ve filled in the form correctly and Binance doesn’t see any suspicious activity on your account, you should be able to receive help in a timely manner and get your Binance residential address pending solved.

I Solved My Binance Residential Address Pending – Can I Start Trading Now?

If you’ve received help from the exchange to solve your Binance residential address pending issues and managed to complete the verification of your account – congratulations! Now you can start trading on the most popular cryptocurrency exchange without the limits a non-verified account has.

As you can see, there may be different reasons why you couldn’t complete your verification. If you manage to recognize them, it’d be helpful when contacting Binance to solve the issue for you. Please keep in mind that within 10 days is the normal period to wait for your whole account to be verified, so there may not even be a Binance residential address pending issue at all. However, if you’re experiencing the issue after this time frame, or you’ve read our article and recognized something you’ve done wrong, it’s best to contact customer support with your issue on time, so they can assist you.

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