How to Create and Sell NFT Art and Crypto Art?

How to Create and Sell NFT and Crypto Art?

In this article will go though the easiest way to create and sell NFT art and Crypto art and sell it on platforms such as The Foundation App, SuperRare, Opensea and many other marketplaces. 

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If you are an NFT artist then you most probably would be very interested in the opportunity to create money from your digital art. Well NFT allows you to do just that. All you have to do is create digital art, create a digital wallet, mint and choose the right platform to do so. 
So, let’s guide you through the process!

How to create NFT Art?

There are no requirements for creating NFT art. Because NFT art itself is something so broad and undefined.

All you have to do is to have certain skills 

You can create NFT art with platforms such as Photoshop (classic), Unity or Blender. Some artworks are so simple that it looks like they were created in Paint. Yes, we are serious.

Where and How to Sell NFT Art?

We will try our best to explain how and where to sell your NFT art in a few simple steps.

What is NFT minting?

The NFT minting is actually a term that stands for the process that goes on when a certain platform processes your crypto artwork and lists it for sale.

NFT minting is only possible when you connect your digital wallet to the platform and pay for transaction fees. After that you are eligible for selling your art for crypto.

Price: How much does my NFT art cost?

Most platforms allow artists to determine how they want their art to be sold and bought. There are mainly 2 approaches for selling:

  • Auction
  • Sale Price

I suggest that you put your artwork on auction and decide on your own whether to accept or not investors’ bids.

The average price for NFT artworks is about 3 ETH which in USD is over $5,000. Everything depends on the platform, but most of the time highest bids are between 0.007 ETH and 10.000 ETH.

Getting Paid When Reselled: What’s a Royalty Percentage in NFT art?

The Royalty percentage in NFT art allows you to get paid anytime someone resells your work. It is calculated in percentages and it all depends on you. 

A popular royalty percentage is between 10-30%.

How to Create and Sell NFT Art and Crypto Art?

How do NFT platforms make money of artists?

Whoever has the data, has it all.

Each NFT platform works with certain payment methods – certain digital banks, certain wallets that are required in order to connect to their marketplace. All of these platforms want you to choose them as a safe place to store your money. That’s why those platforms are so in right now!

They charge fees and take a portion of your sales, but that’s because they are like your “digital art brokers” and help you get recognized by investors.

Notice: Egorithms is not a financial provider and is not an investment broker. We are not investment experts and we are not advising you to spend your money anywhere in particular. We just want to make sure that we provide you reliable information in order to make the right choice. Investments are always risky! 

6 thoughts on “How to Create and Sell NFT Art and Crypto Art?

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi, if you sell NFT art does that mean you cannot sell a physical copy of that same art or even a digital copy on Etsy for instance?

    • Vivi says:

      Hello, Hannah,
      That’s a good question! As far as I know, there are no regulations against selling both a physical & virtual copy of a product.
      At this point, NFT is just an additional way to monetize your content.


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