ScaleSwap: What is it? What are $SCA tokens?

What is Scaleswap - sca token $sca tokens explained definition

This article is all about ScaleSwap – what is it, definition, what’s going on with it? How do you join it? What are $SCA tokens and how do you get them? Best information out there. Everything you need to know.

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What is ScaleSwap?

ScaleSwap is a v2 platform that offers a new way of investing in cryptocurrency. It can be defined as an alternative to Ethereum’s blockchain technology.

The new platform is described as a the new most advanced way to invest with new and unique features. One of the best improvements, according to the team, is that ScaleSwap makes investing in pools easier. 

ScaleSwap is a IDO launchpad that it trying to make scale trading easier.

What is IDO launchpad: Definition & Meaning

 Inter-Blockchain Asset Exchange (IDO) launchpad is a platform that helps people launch new cryptocurrency, distribute tokens on the platform and raise liquidity by inviting new users.

The IDO of ScaleSwap will be held on their own platform.

How is ScaleSwap different?

According to ScaleSwap’s website the platform is different because:

  • Uses the latest DeFi innovations: DeFi 2.0
  • Uses the most advnaced ETH layer – powered by Polygon ( layer 2 scaling project created in 2018)
  • New security & decentralization approach
  • Easier & More Customizable way to invest in pools
  • Instant mass-airdrop tool 
  • NO Gas wars – fees gathered by smart contract platforms
  • “Real” DAO –  real Decentralized Autonomous Organization

What is Scale Trading?

Cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts have heard of scale trading. Scale trading is a type of technical trading technique where the trader buys and sells orders in a security at an equal price difference for each purchase or sale. The price changes over time within a predetermined range and the trader tries to make profits from such variations in prices between trades.
The process is designed to be profitable when the market undergoes volatile price fluctuations – making it potentially more attractive compared to other types of more passive investing strategies like buying stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.
What is Scaleswap - sca token $sca tokens explained definition

What is ScaleSCORE by ScaleSwap? Definiton & Explanation

ScaleSwap explained what ScaleScore is for Egorithms:

One of our major differentiators is that we shift from pure lotteries and valuing only the amount of tokens that are held to a multi-dimensional loyalty scoring system where you can earn guaranteed participation in pools over time.

In contrast to our competitors, holding our token is only one of six dimensions that are used to measure loyalty and participation. And not all criteria is SCA token related.

The system was designed to ensure that the most committed supporters of our mission are always rewarded.

ScaleSCORE will be the core element of our platform and the deciding factor for unlocking all of the wonderful benefits in our ecosystem — private pool participation, advanced platform features (ie. auto-pilot participation feature), determining voting power in our DAO, being considered in weighted airdrops from our partners, and more.

The exact ScaleSCORE metrics will be released prior to launch so that our early community members have the opportunity to plan and prepare. Rest assured, your power on our platform will always be in your own hands.

As an IDO Launchpad, ScaleSwap it is a platform that facilitates the trading of digital assets between blockchains.

The IDO token concept is simple – it seeks to create a fully functional exchange that offers an open market accessible to any blockchain, in order to serve as a bridge between networks and communities. IDO is an innovative new decentralized exchanging platform powered by fintech advancements and we aim to be the catalyst for future innovation in this space.

What is SCA Token? Definition of $SCA Tokens by ScaleSwap

SCA Token is a crypto token developed by ScaleSwap that allows holders to help in building the organization in the ScaleDAO – 

$CA tokens by ScaleSwap makes investing in the pool easier and provides improved autopilot.

Who created ScaleSwap?

The creators and founders of ScaleSwap are Ralf P. Gerteis and Stanislav Stolberg.

So that’s everything you need about ScaleSwap – information about the project and so on. Do you like it? Do you believe in it? The team also has a Telegram channel – check it out for the latest news.

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