The Best Crypto Faucets in 2021: Top List & Comparison

What are the best crypto Faucets?

In this article, we will take a look at the best crypto faucets in 2021 – a list of top platforms that can help you earn some free Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Check out our Top List & Comparison by features and available cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Faucets are websites that reward their visitors with coins when they do something like visiting the website or watching ads. There are lots of different types of crypto faucets available online, but most (and the best) of them operate similarly to the following example:

Places say that there is no difference between crypto faucets and other types of faucets but this isn’t entirely true. You can read more about it in our article on: What is a crypto faucet?

Why choose crypto faucets?

This is a great way to start playing around with cryptocurrencies without having to buy any. You can choose one of the best platforms from our top tier list and comparison.

What are the best Crypto Faucets?

We are going to take a look on the best crypto faucet platforms, websites, apps out there for 2021 according to the web.

This website endorses users to start using Bitcoin Cash and download a certain digital wallet. Once you download the wallet, you receive a small amount of BCH tokens. Steps:

  1. Download the Bitcoin wallet
  2. Verify your identity with Google Account
  3. Enter your BCH address (wallet address) to receive BHC

The platform with Bitcoin Local Cash also offers online casino games with crypto rewards if you are a gambling fan.

💸 What free crypto can you earn? 💸

> Bitcoin Cash – BCH

What are the best crypto Faucets? is a platform for mini online games and other tasks. Users are rewarded for their attention and gameplay with small amounts of crypto.

What you can play:

  • Competitive Social Gaming with Mini Games
  • Surveys
  • Daily Bonuses, Levels, Chatrooms

💸 What free crypto can you earn? 💸

> FocusToken – FGN – the very own digital currency of the platform. Powered by the TRON network and using the TRC20 standard. 

At you can perform various mini tasks online and get motivated by collecting virtual items. Fun mini games. Has a similar style to an RPG game. You can use items, sell items on the market to real players and level up!

Types of activities:

Faucet Claim: This is the classic task that exist in all the faucets. You will just wait for a timer and click on get your reward.

Ptc Advertisements: This is the fastest task, you will only watch advertised websites. If you get interested in the website, you may visit it later.

Offerwalls: This task is the most robust, you will open a panel where you can do several different tasks, from watching videos to downloading applications.

Surveys & Challenges are also available.

💸 What free crypto can you earn? 💸

Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Bittorent, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Digibyte, Syscoin, Verge, Zcash, Horizen and more. Money goes to your  wallet.


PipeFlare supports independent game developers.

  1. You play a game
  2. You receive a small reward

💸 What free crypto can you earn? 💸

You can win crypto tokens and use Tokens To Purchase In-Game Upgrades, Store, or Invest


This website lists some apps that reward you with crypto after you download them such as Free Litecoin, Alien Run or Brave browser.

Not original but still works.

💸 What free crypto can you earn? 💸

Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin

How can you earn free crypto?

If you are new to Bitcoin or are looking to add a little something extra to your retirement portfolio, you can earn free crypto! You can earn with some of my favorite websites in this article.

Are crypto faucets legal?

Crypto faucets are still relatively new so we are no aware of any strict legal restrictions against these paltforms yet. Stil, before registering for a faucet platform, always make sure that your platform of choice fulfills the legal obligations in your country and/or state of residence. 

Are Crypto Faucets safe to use?

Crypto Faucets can help users earn cash but there is still little information about their concept. Be cautious when you have to share your personal information with others!  You will also not get rich by using faucets, it’s more of an alternative small cashflow.

Disclaimer: The information published on is for general information purpose only. It does not advise you to start to invest you and is not written by financial advisors or experts. Best crypto faucet platforms are listed according to popular opinions on the web.

Some stuff to look for after registering to a crypto faucet platform:

  • Check who created the platform
  • Check reviews from other users (not influencers!)
  • Check if the platform created a primary private key that is unique and just for you – it is used to encrypt your info and it should not be stored by the platform
  • Make sure that you know what link you are clicking on! Don’t visit websites or apps that you are unaware of!

Thank you for reading our article on best crypto faucets in 2021!

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