Top Web 3.0 Companies And Startups in 2022

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Can you feel it? That buzz in the air, the rising excitement? That’s the arrival of the new era of the internet, Web 3.0 is almost here and we can’t wait to welcome it. Luckily for all of us, the top web 3.0 companies and startups are quickening the transition to the next stage of the World Wide Web. If you’re curious about what the biggest innovators in the field are preparing for us, let’s discover it together.

Find out about the top web 3.0 companies and web 3.0 startups in our article to learn who will be helping to change the Internet in the future.

Top Web 3.0 Companies And Startups: But First, What’s Web 3.0?

We may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves, but pardon us, it’s all due to the anticipation of change. Before we introduce the top web 3.0 companies and startups, we’ll first explain what Web 3.0 is and why you should be hyped about it too.

You can find Web 3.0 written as Web 3 or web3 but whatever the spelling, the term was coined in 2014 by the Polkadot co-founder Gavin Wood. What it means is the new iteration of the World Wide Web, based on blockchain technology, decentralization, and token-based economics. If you’re not familiar, when Bitcoin emerged in 2009 it introduced blockchain technology, an innovative way of storing and transferring data more safely and transparently. This was not only adopted by following cryptocurrencies, but also many other companies saw the potential of it.

The current era of the Internet we’re in is called Web 2.0 – the web as a platform where user-created content is the center of it. The previous one, Web 1.0 was when most users were just consumers of static pages.

The idea of Web 3.0 is to increase data security, scalability, and privacy for users while decreasing the influence of large tech companies over the Internet. Many saw the potential of the concept and in recent years, as cryptocurrencies and blockchain gained a lot of traction, and now new Web 3.0 companies and Web 3.0 startups have emerged, trying to bring the new era of the Internet faster. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top Web 3.0 companies and startups in 2022 to see who will be changing the way we use the web today and what can we expect from them.

Top Web 3.0 Companies And Startups in 2022

Now that you know what the new era of the Internet is all about, you’re curious who are the big movers behind it, right? The companies we’re listing here are dealing with blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, or different aspects of the decentralized world, and are aiming to be a part of the Internet future. We won’t keep you waiting any longer, here are the top Web 3.0 companies and startups in 2022 that you should definitely get familiar with. 

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Web 3.0 Companies And Startups: What Are the Top Web 3.0 Companies?

We’ll begin by exploring the top Web 3.0 companies first. In this section, we’ll talk about already established businesses that use the tech that’s included in the development of the new Internet era.

  1. Binance
  2. Polygon
  3. ConsenSys
  4. Parity
  5. Brave


Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange based on daily trading volume. Naturally, it deals with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and it’s obviously a very established and reputable company. But besides it being one of the best platforms for crypto trading, we’re including it on a list of top Web 3.0 companies and startups because of Binance Labs. This is Binance’s venture capital, established a year after the exchange was launched. The goal of Binance Labs is to support top projects involved in Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies, by investing and supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and different communities.


The native network of the MATIC token, Polygon, is one of the top web 3.0 companies today. It’s a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchains. This is an open-source project built by a worldwide community of developers. Since Ethereum is the largest and most used programmable blockchain, this project has definitely many users as well. What makes Polygon worthy of being on our list is its unique structure and the features it brings to users like scalability, security, and speed, among others. The popularity of the blockchain has been increasing rapidly since the crypto bull run in 2021 and more people recognize how useful Polygon is as well as the investment potential of its token MATIC.


Another worthy mention in our top Web 3.0 companies and startups list is ConsenSys. Founded in 2015, this business specialized in the development of decentralized software services and applications that operate on the Ethereum blockchain. Since its establishment, this Web 3.0 company has been working very hard and brought out many new projects on the market, including the most popular wallet for the Ethereum blockchain – MetaMask. Infura is another venture of ConsenSyS that provides tools and infrastructure to allow developers to easily take their blockchain application from testing to scaled deployment with fast access to Ethereum.


Parity is another acclaimed company that deserves its spot among the top Web 3.0 companies and startups we’re discussing here. This is a blockchain infrastructure company that uses cellular systems, peer-to-peer technology, and decentralized consensus architecture that aims to build the foundations of Web 3.0. Remember when we mentioned Gavin Wood, the person who coined the term for the new Internet era? He’s one of the people behind this innovative company that works closely with Polkadot and his Web 3.0 Foundation in their goal to change the Internet.


Though blockchain is the leading power behind the new stage of the Internet, let’s talk about a company that’s closely connected to the Web for a moment. The web browser Brave definitely deserves a spot on our top Web 3.0 companies and startups list as it’s an open-source web browser with a focus on users’ privacy. Using this browser you’ll automatically have annoying ads blocked as well as website trackers. If you decide you want to earn from watching ads though, you can do it by turning on the option to get paid in Brave’s native crypto token BAT for your attention. Besides integrating crypto in its work, Brave is a top Web 3.0 company because you can connect dApps (decentralized applications) without the use of any extensions, it’s the first browser with a built-in crypto wallet, and has a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, allowing users to access 700K blockchain domain names of the company.

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Web 3.0 Companies And Startups: What Are the Top Web 3.0 Startups?

We’ve talked about some of the top Web 3.0 companies and now as promised, we’ll discuss some newly emerged businesses. Here are some of the top web 3.0 startups in 2022 to keep an eye on. Who knows? They may become more successful on the new Internet than the established players.

  1. Deeper Network
  2. Decenternet
  3. Mysterium Network
  4. Deefy
  5. BitPay

Deeper Network

We continue list of top Web 3.0 startups and startups with Deeper Network. The company offers a blockchain-based VPN – a solution to help users to avoid government censorship of the web. They aim for building a private, secure and fair Internet. The way this Web 3.0 startup is trying to achieve it is through their device Deeper Connect. The device facilitates VPN as well as allows node operators to mine crypto using low computing resources. They’re using a Proof-of-Credit (PoC) consensus mechanism on their network, making it less susceptible to cyberattacks.


Just like we mentioned Brave as one of the top Web 3.0 companies, we feel the need to include a good browser in our top Web 3.0 startups list as well. We chose Decenternet’s Osiris Browser. This browser was built to utilize blockchain technology and thrive in Web 3.0. It provides users with ad-block and web-tracker remover, fast web-browsing speed, and a VPN. Additionally, it runs reward-based blockchain apps and has a native cryptocurrency wallet. Sounds similar to Brave, right? That’s because they both embody the main concepts of Web 3.0. Maybe one day this Web 3.0 startup will turn into an established top Web 3.0 company, just like the Brave browser.

Mysterium Network

Remember when we mentioned privacy and user-controlled networks were some of the fundamentals of the new Internet era? Mysterium Network sits rightly among the top Web 3.0 companies and startups because it delivers exactly that. This is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network that gives connections to people beyond the conventional Internet. That’s right, you didn’t misread – this company provides decentralized networks as a better alternative for users where no central authority maintains the grid. This Web 3.0 startup uses a network of nodes to provide secure access to a distributed network and if you offer your device as a node, you’ll earn crypto in return!


Another big part of the next stage of the Web will not only be fungible (crypto) but also non-fungible tokens (NFTs). One of the top Web 3.0 companies and startups that specialize in this area is Deefy. This platform allows users to rent and loan NFTs, as well as have the option to buy now pay later and receive peer-to-peer loans. This Web 3.0 startup makes transactions easier and acts as an escrow service between borrowers and lenders for establishing a floor price of luxurious NFTs.


You’ve probably realized that fintech (financial technology) plays a big role in the evolving Internet, right? That’s the reason why BitPay is included in the list of the top Web 3.0 companies and startups. This is an app for crypto payment for both individuals and businesses. BitPay allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments. You can use their payment cards as well as the digital wallet for managing your payments. The Web 3.0 startup now also provides a browser extension to send crypto easily and benefits for people selling NFTs.

Do You See the Potential of the Top Web 3.0 Companies And Startups?

After learning about the top Web 3.0 companies and startups, do you now share our excitement? We know and love the current Internet but can’t avoid acknowledging its flaws. What the next stage of the World Wide Web promises is to provide more control for users, as well as enhance privacy and security. All that could be brought to us by blockchain technology and the top Web 3.0 companies and startups. That does sound good, right? That’s why we’re looking with hope at the businesses we’ve mentioned here, and all the others out there, to provide us a more secure online environment where we can continue to connect without the issues we may face today. 

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