What’s Clubhouse and how to join? A look inside the app

What’s Clubhouse and how to join? A look inside the app

The Musk effect proved its efficiency once again! Since Elon tweeted about joining Clubhouse and hosting a meeting, the app gained a couple of milion new users.

Of course, we should also give credit to the Clubhouse’s marketing team, which managed to develop a brilliant digital marketing campaign.

In the last 3 months, the hype around the social app Clubhouse reached it’s peek. The platform became platform thanks to its brand strategy going for exclusivity, inaccessibility and selectivity. But how did they do it? Let’s take a look.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new social media app for audio chat.

Users can register online only if invited and reffered from a friend. Once they join, they can create or join rooms and talk about.

No video calling is avaiable at this point, so the main way to interact with others so far is by turning on your microphone and joining a discussion.

What you need to know about Clubhouse

  • So far it’s an invite-only app
  • So far it’s available only for iOS devices
  • The UI is not that impressive
  • It’s still easy to gain a following

Is Clubhouse only for celebrities?

At the very beginning a lot of A+ celebrities were invited to the social media, as part of the marketing campaign. Now you can join only with an invite from someone. 

How to join the Clubhouse app?

There are two ways to join the Clubhouse app – by accepting an invite or by claiming your username in advance and joining the waiting list. Users in the waitinglist need to wait until the official public release of the platform is up.

How to receive an invite for Clubhouse?

You need know someone who already has an account in Clubhouse in order to recieve an invite from them. I suggest that you claim your username even if you don’t know anyone on the app.

I have free Clubhouse invites which you can use for registration. My username on the app is @stefcheva and you can contact us on Instagram if you are still searching for a Clubhouse invite.

What do you do in Clubhouse?

  1. Once you are accepted into the Clubhouse app, you can choose from a list of interesting topics for discussion.
  2. After that, you can follow users based on your interests.
  3. You receive a personal feed of active and coming up meetings
  4. You can join or host meetings at all times
  5. You can also add more information about yourself and engage with other users by following or messaging them

How to join rooms in Clubhouse?

You can join rooms in Clubhouse by selecting the ones on your feed. You can also select the “Explore” page and find new interesting topics.

How to join and explore rooms in Clubhouse?
How to join and explore rooms in Clubhouse?

How to start a room in Clubhouse?

To start a room in Clubhouse you need to select the green button on the homepage “Start a room” and then, select whether it’s going to be Open for everyone, Open for your Social Following, or Private and accessible only via link.

Who can host a meeting and create rooms in Clubhouse?

Everyone can host a meeting and create rooms in Clubhouse. But not everyone can host a “Club”.

How to host a Club on Clubhouse?

In order ot host a Club in Clubhouse you need to be an active user on the app. 

First, you need to host a meeting and create at least one room for 3 weeks in a row. Then, the app itself will suggest that you create a Club on a certain topic. You then need to fill in a form. After that, Clubhouse will take a look at your request. If approved, you will have your own club.

How to take part in a room and speak in a meeting?

Everyone who joins the voice chat rooms is on mute by default. In order to stop any spam and annoying noise in the chatroom, users need to tap on the button “raise hand” before speaking. Then, the speakers/moderators of the chat decide if you can join the discussion and eventually, give you permission.

How to speak in a room in Clubhouse?

How to invite someone to Clubhouse?

  1. Make sure your friends’ phone number is added to your contact list
  2. Click on the “message” button on the header menu
  3. Scroll through your contact’s list, find your friend, and select invite
After joiningClubhouse, you will immediately receive 2 invites. After your first week of being active, you will receive 3 additional invites.
Note: Don’t forget that only people with iOS devices can join.

Who created Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is created by the company Alpha Exploration Co. This company is founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. It started as a startup which was then funded with an investment worth of $12 million by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Is Clubhouse the future of social media and networking?

Most probably the app will evolve. My prediction is that it will add a video call feature. 

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