7 Rules to Follow and Go Viral in 2021

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We do not want to sound pessimistic, but it is important to realize that turbulent times in 2021 require radical action – ASAP. Most probably every Gen Z and Millennial that you meet will self-proclaim themself as a social media expert or content marketing professional. Nothing unexpected, given that these generations grew up with technology that others pay to learn and qualify.

But what does it take to go viral in 2021 when everyone is posting? Here are our top 5 rules & tips on that. Follow and see the results yourself.

1. Every viral trend lasts 3 days

Online trends are unpredictable, so don’t waste more than 3 days on them. Following them brings rapid fame which is not very effective in the long term. And yet, if you want to grab the trending clout, a simple rule applies – first come first served

That’s why It is important to catch the trending wave in the very beginning. Even if it doesn’t seem promising just yet, give your best to adopt it. Always take a look at your trend predicting tools.

If you still find it difficult to recognize trends at an early stage & go viral, there’s one smart hack. Find a Facebook profile that you consider an “aunt”/”mom”-like. If she knows the trend, then everyone knows and the expiration date has passed.


2. You’re writing mostly for bots

Never forget that you’re writing mostly for bots and SEO scores. At the end of the day, only under 70% of your content will be actually read by real people. On the other hand, search engine robots (also called spiders) will pay attention to 101% of what you say and will even evaluate it according to their parameters for success. 

So, always start each text with a few keywords in mind and subordinate your copywriting around them.

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3. The 6 do’s and don’ts of content marketing in 2021

If after all want people to read and remember our content, we must follow the new rules of digital communication. By no means should we be verbose and understandable (Verbose = speaking too much). 

Always add media – photos, embedded social media posts. If you’re posting on a social platform, go for a video, but keep it short. Add engaging quizzes, surveys. And always follow the rule of The 6 do’s and don’ts of content marketing.

Read the full article on The 5 do’s and don’ts of content marketing

4. Engage before & after posting

I just can’t get enough of saying this but engage before and after posting. Analyze the biggest fans of your content and give them back some attention. Then, see who has least interacted with you over the past month and try to engage them. Every unengaged reader/follower is a lost follower. Also, explore the new names of your content area and target potential followers – then, engage to grab their attention.

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5. Hashtag work (#kinda)

Hashtags can help you go viral in 2021, but won’t do the whole job for you.

They work depending on the level of development of your business or personal profile. They always serve justice for your content but don’t get fooled by their special abilities. If you have a large audience relative to your field, hashtag abuse can lead to negative reactions and loss of credibility.

Extra Tip: Keep it easy in 2021

Don’t spend all your time building complex viral strategies. The Internet of 2021 is changing so fast, that your highly succeeding practice today can lose all its value tomorrow. Thousands of digital agencies around the world are constantly trying to beat the algorithms, when in fact people will be always one step behind. 

If you want to go viral in 2021, you have to try different strategies. Always post and like to keep your engagement levels. If you have nothing to say, just share or repost something. Engaging is the only thing that’ll keep on you on top. You will never know what will make you viral.

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