Content Marketing: The TOP 5 do’s and don’ts of 2021

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In 2021 content marketing is still the most effective way of building trust with your audience. When you’re following a good content strategy, you’re also adding value, competence, and authority to your public image.

A good content marketing strategy in 2021 is the one that differentiates a copywriter from an author.

The new rules of communication are dictated by social interactions in the digital space. These rules are different than those in the real world. That’s why we will share with you some tips and tricks on coming up with a good content marketing strategy.

We recommend this article to all copywriters who want to create unique content that sells in 2021.

Let’s sum up The TOP 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing. Updated in 2021.

1. Keep your copywriting short and simple

Time goes by even faster when you’re online. That’s why sophisticated words lead to a loss of interest and a bigger exit rate. Don’t require too much from your readers and keep in mind the decreasing attention span statistics.

You should be alright as long as you keep your content short and simple.

Keep your copywriting on the level of an 8th-grader.

This means that you should always use short sentences. Before posting, try to predict what questions might arise after reading. Now add those questions in a FAQ section and answer them beforehand.

2. Always use Good Structure and Bullets

Separate different ideas and thesis into short paragraphs. When possible, add bullets and lists to share additional information. Those are:

  • Preferred by readers;
  • Easier to navigate;
  • Most-likely will be read;
  • Generally, save time.

Sometimes, good bullets and great structure can boost you to Google Rich Snippet Results.

3. Blog posts should be easy to navigate through

Every blog post needs to be easy to navigate through. This could be made by bolding the right words and other ways to visually emphasize important thoughts.

In 2021 the best practice for copywriters is to add a table of content at the beginning of your article. That way readers can quickly hop on the most useful part for their needs.

The average time people once devoted to an article today equals the overall time spent on your entire website.

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4. Aesthetics And Design matter for Content Marketing

Our next tip is:

Before you start to create content, picture an aesthetic. Design sells, so that’s important if you want to have a successful content marketing strategy.

Think of a design and sketch it. Start by figuring out the frame wire of your page. It should please your readers and followers in the best way possible. When necessary, place your trademark or other branding symbols.

Your branding design should be easy to remember. Many brands try to be extremely unconventional, but forget to focus their effort on recognition. This mistake can cost a lot of headaches later when it’s time for long-delayed rebranding.

5. Use a long and highly specific headline

The most shared articles are the ones with intimidatingly long and highly specific headlines. And there’s a reason behind this. Users are all about sharing things because they want to be liked and noticed by others. 

Following the fake news rule,

A good headline is like a spoiler. Not a sneak peek. It may no longer make sense to actually read the article, but it makes you want to share it.

Yes, you read that right.

This trend has been going on for several years now because of social networks, where posts compete with articles.

The headline also should be attractive enough to engage and trigger a like, comment, or share. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches. And don’t go too clickbaity.

Some of the best headline practices in 2021 are:

  • Add 2021 in your headling
  • Add “updated” in your headline
  • Add “a list” or “top 5/10” in your headline
  • Suggest exclusivity in your headline “Never seen before” “Unique” “Secret”
  • Add “tips” and “Tricks” if you are sharing knowledge

In 2021 copywriting is targeted towards search engines, spiders, and robots. And that’s okay!

These tips may sound kind of artificial to many of you, but trends need to be tamed. The old-school, traditional, and formal communication style will never die. It simply adapts and evolves to the needs of the particular era. Of course, every generation rebels for their beliefs and battles for their own taste, rights, and values. What we need to do is to accept change with a smile and figure out how we can benefit from it.

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