How to go viral on TikTok – UPDATED 2021

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In 2021 if you want to be seen and go viral, you have to use TikTok.

Right now the best social media algorithm out there is on TikTok. It gives an equal start for all profiles – for business and personal use. That’s why you have to learn how to do the most and receive attention in the best way possible. We will share with you our professional tips that are PROVEN and have a record for being successful.

First, keep in mind that your chances of going viral on TikTok depend on these data:

  • Engagement rate
  • Watch time
  • Originality
  • Use of the TikTok video editor
  • Hashtags #
  • Sounds

So, what are your chances of going viral – is that possible and how hard is it? If you follow our tips you will most likely make it on TikTok trending.

Best Tips on How To Go Viral on TikTok in 2021 (UPDATED)

Follow our list of tips strictly for best viral results.

1. Don’t post too much

If you want to go viral on TikTok in 2021 you have to be patient. Don’t post too much. Every video needs a couple of hours to process, go under review and start appearing on the for you page #fyp. When you post too often you’re lowering the engagement rate of your previous posts.

Some TikTok influencers believe that you shouldn’t post right away after creating an account. I believe that’s a myth, because I posted within the first minutes and nothing bad happened, really.


In order to go viral, you need to have a good watch time and creativity. TikTok’s algorithm endorses users who use the TikTok video editor. Use popular sounds, make a video montage, and try transitions. Also, videos with captions lead to longer watch time.

3. Consistent tiktok content

Before starting an account you have to be very careful when deciding a niche. Stick to one kind of content category strictly targeted towards your audience.

Don’t switch strategies – the algorithm has to start recognizing you as a certain type of creator. TikTok’s algorithm categorizes your behavior and content, and matches you with the users who are most likely to engage with your videos. That’s the main way you can become viral in your category.



4. Girls = engagement

Yes, girls make you go viral and help you gain views. 
It turns out that TikTok videos with girls perform better than others. Seriously. This may sound strange and even a little bit wrong, but is true. 
That’s why some viral creators always add a girl in the first frame, no matter what the rest 14 seconds are about.

5. Wait after posting a tiktok

Maybe you have wondered Why do I have 0 views on TikTok?

The number one reason – you have to give your video some time. It won’t become viral in a few minutes. Let it gain exposure.

Every TikTok needs to first, go under review, and then, the algorithm will start recommending it to different for you pages #fyp. If you film HQ content, eventually, your TikTok videos will become viral. Sometimes it needs a couple of days.

6. Keep it family friendly

If you want to go viral, don’t violate the terms. You shouldn’t swear, you shouldn’t post nudity, and never talk about violence. Delicate topics are also not recommended. Be kind and keep a friendly environment. Most users are underage.

7. Use hashtags properly

Hashtags work if you want to go viral, but only if you use them properly. Don’t post too much hashtags.

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8. Use popular sounds from your niche

This viral tip is very important!
Most TikTok videos go viral because of a trending sound. But a lot of creators don’t understand that they should be using only niche sounds. Don’t hop onto trends that have nothing to do with your niche. For example: If you post car videos, first take a look at which sounds are used the most in car videos.
TikTok works associatively – there are specific songs for jokes, others for makeup, and so on.

9. Delete your videos with 0 views

As previously mentioned, I’ve noticed an interesting law of Tiktok’s algorithm. If you want to go viral, you have to bury all your failed videos. The performance of your most recent video influences how many views you will receive in your next post. 
I’ve tried deleting some of my posts that got 0 views and by that, I increased the chances of my next video going viral. Try this technique yourself and tell me what you think.

10. Go live

One of the most important tips is to go live. 

When going live, users appear on their followers’ #fyp. In addition, a notification is sent to each follower. Live videos are engagement magnets and help you go viral on TikTok.

Thank you for following our best tips on How to go TikTok viral in 2021. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you. Share your feedback with us and tell us if these viral tips really worked for you.

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