Why do I have 0 views on TikTok? Top 10 reasons your videos are not on #fyp

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2. You post too much

You post too much on TikTok

Did you know that TikTok doesn’t like it when you post too frequently? Yes. Even though TikTok wants to keep you engaged, the app doesn’t like it when you are posting too much. 
In my experience, more than 2 posts a day is a little bit too much for the platform. This can result in your video not being shown on the feed and receiving zero views.
3. Your last video is not performing well

Your last video is not performing well on TikTok

The engagement potential of your recent post depends on the success of your last posted video. For example, if your last post got 0 likes, there’s a chance that for a while you will be receiving zero views.  
Users claim that TikTok reviews your recent success and engagement rate on the app to determine whether you are interesting enough for the for you page.
4. You are not using any trending sound

You are not using the trending sounds on TikTok

Trending sounds and music artists are the most important part of TikTok. Music attracts advertisers. That’s why the algorithm tolerates users who use trending sounds and upcoming music trends.

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5. Your watchtime is bad

You have low watchtime on TikTok

How long is your recent video? If you post too long videos you may experience issues with a low watchtime rate. This can lead to 0 views.

Try uploading TikTok videos up to 15 seconds. The perfect watchtime is below 15 seconds. Sometimes less is more.

6. You’re not fitting in any niche

You don’t stick to one category niche on TikTok

Try your best to fit into one specific niche. Don’t post content that is all over the place. When registering TikTok asks you to select one category:

  • Animals
  • Comedy
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Beauty & Style
  • Art
  • Gaming
  • Science & Education
  • Dance
  • DIY

Once you’ve selected your category, your content needs to stick with it.

That way the algorithm will work in your favour.


7. You posted something inappropriate

You violate TikTok’s rules 

TikTok is very harsh on users who violate the terms and conditions. Some profiles can even get shadowbanned.

Sometimes users with violation history have to delete their accounts and start over. If not, they will start to notice being banned from the for you page. #fyp

8. The algorithms is still focused on your previous video

Your previous TikTok video is still under review

Have you noticed that sometimes your video starts to receive attention just a few days after it was originally posted. That’s because the algorithm started recommending your video with a delay.

Don’t ruin this by uploading a new video – it will bring you views down and it will stop showing you on the for you page.

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9. You are reposting other people's content

You are reposting video from other TikTok accounts

The algorithm has ways to find out whether you’ve been posting other users’ content. TikTok’s main purpose is to turn its users into creators and encourage them to post original content. That’s why reposted content recieves 0 views.

10. You didn’t use the TikTok editor

You are not using the TikTok video editor

If you didn’t use the TikTok editor to create your video, you may receive 0 views. TikTok endorses creators to edit with their software, so editing outside the platform can lead to failure.

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These are the main reasons why your videos on TikTok are gtetting only 0 views. The good news is that you can change that. Zero views are bad news, but not a final sentence for your account.

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