Microsoft Can Score Meetings Using Your Face and Body Language

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Some of us may freak out by the amount of data that Zoom uses during calls. Turns out it’s only getting worse from here.

Microsoft is patenting a new technology called “MICS – Meeting Insight Computing System”. The patent is reliable for keeping a score of all users’ meetings. It can help businesses in sorting out how successful a pitch, presentation, or job interview went.

What’s Microsoft’s definition of Productivity Score?

The Productivity score, however, is much more complicated than the new Meeting Insight Computing System.

It will be a mix of different variables and data, gathered from workers. It will keep a track of the efficiency of each worker in a company.

So far it’s said that the Productivity Score by Microsoft will be made of data indicating:

  • Performance success during video meetings
  • Body language and facial expressions during video meetings
  • Room temperature gathered by sensors during video meetings
  • Employee score from the post-meeting surveys
  • Performance and usage of email and chat by employees
  • Performance and activity of different apps and programs
  • Task completion by employees
  • Internet browsing

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How is Microsoft’s Productivity Score useful to companies and employers?

The purpose of Microsoft’s Productivity Score figured by MICS is to help organizations in predicting potential problems, weaknesses, and challenges ahead of them. Microsoft’s new patent can also give a better overview of the teams’ performance. It can also determine a profile for each employee – pointing out their business strengths and weaknesses.

Microsoft Productivity Score & Meeting Insight Computing System can even suggest which employee is good for pitching and who is better at financial analyzing.
Can they figure out I wasn’t paying attention during the video meeting?

Microsoft will make sure that you’re not clicking away or multitasking during a meeting. This will be most likely accomplished by sending over a post-meeting survey to all participants. So, were you AFK? Can you determine who did the best?

Is it ethical for big companies to monitor their employees?

Ever since the new MICS patent was revealed, people on social media have gone crazy over Microsoft’s plans for “digital transformation”. As expected, employees feel insecure about the idea of being monitored. 

Is Microsoft becoming even a bigger stalker than Facebook? We’re thrilled to see if the patent will turn into a service and full-developed product.

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