In 2021 Instagram Influencers Will Be Fighting Over “Timeline Likes”


Did you know that there’s a big difference between Instagram Likes coming from your Timeline and Likes received directly from your page?

Yes. Not all likes are equal.

The Instagram algorithm is chaning like crazy and it’s making it harder for creators to maintain a good engagement rate. Turns out that these days is way easier to have a smaller following.

Changes throughout the year made it nearly impossible to go viral on the platform, especially if you’re starting from 0.


Followers on Instagram see only about 10% of your content.

On top of that, Instagram’s algorithm is cruel and unfair. Who sees your content, as a creator, depends not on YOUR actions, but on the actions of your followers.

So how do you make it on Your Followers' Instagram Feed in 2021?

Post Engaging Content

Instagram is no longer made for personal use and photography. In 2021 Instagram is business oriented. That’s why you have to make people engage by throwing off giveaways, games, selling, showing, asking questions, challenging them etc. Find a reason worth commenting.

Ask Your Followers to Like, Save and Comment

There’s a reason why YouTubers annoyingly beg their followers to Leave a Like and Subscribe. Research shows that this actually works. So… Instagram creators need to start doing the same too. You can ask your followers to engage in the description of your post.

Make your users Like your posts from the Timeline

Pay attenton to this one – you need to recieve likes from the Timeline. That’s why your followers need to engage when they see you on the Homepage. A like, recieved after someone had already visited your page, adds nothing to your overall engagement rate.



So what did we learn?

Remember that Likes, received by someone after visiting your profile, don’t really affect the algorithm. That’s because the new Instagram algorithm tolerates when users spend a lot of time on their feed and shop section, interacting with different accounts. 
Today most Instagram Personal Profiles follow over 200 users. That’s why the algorithm has new and even harsher conditions to determine who deserves to be shown on the timeline. Your overall engagement rate and statistics determine when and if you’ll be shown to your followers.

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