Revolutionary Business Card Scanner Makes Professional Networking Easier

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If you’re a frequent user of LinkedIn then you most probably have at least 100 connections with strangers from different companies. It turns out that we mostly use our business profiles when we’re looking for a job. But even then, the chances of finding the right people are pretty low.

But what happens to the business contacts that we really need?

Most often we completely forget that we know the right people until it’s too late. Or it turns out we threw away the exact business card which we need most now.

Happily, there’s now a revolutionary app that takes care of your Professional Network.

Have you ever imagined having a full-time PR assistant?

Well, Contapp is pretty much what you’ve been wishing for.

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Contapp lets you transform paper business cards into fully interactive digital business cards with just a few clicks. The UX design of the app helps you manage all of your contacts at any time. 

Never forget where you’ve met

How often have you been in a situation, where you see a familiar face… But can’t remember how you know each other. 😓 Contapp saves your location and shows you where you’ve met. 😉

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Save the Environment

The best part of the whole business model is that it’s eco-friendly.

By using the app you’re helping the environment and preventing deforestation. Stop the use of tons of meaningless paper every year.

-> Live green!

Giuseppe Milazzo – the Founder & CEO of Contapp shared for @egorithms that the team is in the middle of a major app update. Users can expect new innovative features and improvements in the future. We’ll definetly keep an eye on the project. 

The CEO of Contapp also shared:

Part of Contapp’s exciting roadmap is to introduce affordable subscription plans and innovative features to our existing mobile app. The introduction of these subscription plans and features will be mainly aimed at Startups and SME’s. This will transform the Contapp mobile app into a SaaS subscription model, which will bring added value to our users around the world, for a small, competitive fee.

Once the new premium plans and innovative features both launch, this will allow us to build a streamlined web CRM platform. Contapp’s CRM will have powerful integrations from leading software businesses to become an affordable all-in-one SaaS platform.

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