Is the new design of Instagram unethical? New Shopping feature sparks controversy

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The start of the new feature “Shopping” left millions of Instagram users unsatisfied and disappointed. The new redesign introduced Shopping by putting it in the place of the “Likes” button. This resulted in tons of unwanted clicks and angry reactions across the world.

This is NOT how you introduce a new feature.

Even novice designers know that the most important rule of design is to follow a user-friendly pattern. That’s why every major redesign has always been hated by users. Not coincidentally, after every huge change of the interface, platforms always leave the option to “Switch back to the old design”.

But what happens when you change the place of the most used icon “Likes”? Well… People eventually start hating on you and will most probably oppose you.

With this action, Instagram decided to claim a big and bold statement. It’s obvious that we’re observing a turning point in their business model. By redesigning, the company openly states:

“So far you have been here to be liked. Now it’s time to start shopping.”

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So, can you turn your users into consumers, even if they don’t want to?

There’s no doubt that Influencer culture is one of the big reasons behind the new business model for Facebook. And yet in the last two years, we have seen a serious outflow of users ditching Instagram for TikTok because they don’t want to buy – they just want to be entertained.

Could this be the big opportunity for Snapchat and their new app?

While we still wait on the official start of Instagram Reels, Snapchat is willing to pay 1 Million a Day to creators for Spotlight Videos. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Snap is ready to do anything that it takes to make TikTok fail.

Looks like wars between social networks continue.

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