How to Run Clubhouse on Android or PC? Install Tutorial

How to Run Clubhouse on Android or PC? Install Tutorial

The FOMO of the Clubhosue hype is crazy, especially when Elon Musk invites President Putin for an online discussion.

It turns out that the whole hype around the app is so big, that people tend arer starting to sell and buy Clubhouse invites.  Some users are even considering whether it’s a good idea to buy an iPhone to keep up with trends from now on.

Today we will take a look at some tips and step by step tutorial on how to run the Clubhouse app on Android or PC / Computer. Keep on reading… 

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How to Run Clubhouse on PC

It’s even better to use Clubhouse if you are on a PC. This can be easily done by using a virutal machine – a fake software environment where you can run a phone software on your computer. 

Step #1 of Running Clubhouse on your PC: Turn your Windows into a Mac

If you have a PC which runs on Windows, you will need to install a First, you need to install a Virtual Machine which “turns your Windows into a Mac”. You do that by installing MacOs Virtual Box.

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Step #2 of Running Clubhouse on your PC: Install the app on iTunes

Now that you have iTunes on your virtual machine, you have to search for the Clubhouse app. Download and install Clubhouse. Now you have the app on your PC (Windows computer).



Alternative way: How to Install Clubhouse on your PC?

In case you can’t find the app, you will need a friend from an iOS user with iPhone or iPad. Use the iOS device and login with your new Apple ID (the ID of your virtual machine). Download and install Clubhouse on your friend’s device.

Then, do the following:

  1. Install the app iMazing on your PC – MacOs virtual machine. This app lets you transfer music, files, messages, apps and more from any iPhone to a computer.
  2. Connect iMazing to your Apple ID
  3. Download the Clubhouse app and install it
  4. Transfer the app to your virtual machine by selecting “export .ipa”
  5. Run and install the Clubhouse app on your PC

How to Install Clubhouse on Android?

Some people think it’s impossible to install house on Android, but that’s not true. Just follow this step by step tutorial:

#1 Install Clubhouse on Android: Download Virtual Machine on PC

Run a MacOs Virtual Machine on your PC. That way you will have Mac on your PC even if you are a Windows user.

#2 Install Clubhouse on Android: Download the iMazing App

Download the iMazing app on your virtual Mac machine. Go into the iTunes store and download Clubhouse app.

#3 Install Clubhouse on Android: Run the app on your Android phone

Send the Clubhouse .ipa file to your Android device

#4 Install Clubhouse on Android: Download Virtual Machine on Android

Now find a iOS virtual machine for your Android phone. For example, you can use an IOS Emulator for Android. Install it and open the app. Then open the .ipa file within the iOS virtual machine. That will install Clubhouse on your Android phone.

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That is our simple step by step tutorial for running and installing the app Clubhouse on your PC (computer) and Android phone. Be safe and careful!

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