What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples

What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples

The History of High Tech over the years

The term ‘High Tech’ originated from the field of science and engineering. Technology is an important part of our daily lives and refers to products that are related to information and communication technology, or digital technology.
What constitutes as high tech no longer has a clear definition, but it is generally accepted as a broad term that can be used in fields other than just science and engineering.

What is the definition of High Tech?

A good definition of high tech would be something that uses cutting edge engineering or manufacturing techniques. The word high tech carries a meaning of most advanced, complex, and expensive. 
What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples
What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples


Why is it called High Tech?

The word ‘high’ in the term ‘high tech’ refers to the higher level of investment and resources required to manufacture products with higher order technological features. This means a product that uses advanced technologies is more expensive and more difficult to get access to. So, even though it might have more features, it is easier to afford because of its availability and lower cost of production.

What are high tech examples?

We are going to list a few examples of high technology 

What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples
What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples

High Tech Example: Electronic Products

The iPhone 7 is an example of a high tech product due to its advanced technical features. It has a more efficient camera, it is waterproof, and it can access cell networks faster. The iPhone 7 also requires more technology to produce. The casing for the phone consists of strong metal and glass, and it can be noticed that only high quality material is used in the production of this phone. Production of this phone requires more equipment and better technology than producing an iPhone 4 for example.

High Tech Example: Space Technology

High tech space technology is used to produce spacecrafts or satellites. In the past, space programs required large budgets and the latest in technology to launch a spacecraft into orbit. Discovery of new experimental technologies has made it possible for smaller companies like SpaceX to develop high quality, cheaper rockets that are capable of carrying astronauts into outer space.

High Tech Example: Production of PC

The production of computers has substantially changed over the last few decades. The computers we use today are based on transistors and use vacuum tubes, semiconductors, and integrated circuits (ICs), which are miniaturized electronic components. The size of the components has been getting smaller over time, thanks to the shrinking of microscopic sizes.

What requirements are needed to achieve High Tech?

To accomplish the innovation in technology companies need to invest a lot of money on research and development of the product. This, of course, is a lot of money and resources.

What are High Tech Companies?

Usually, the companies that can invest in the research and development of products are called high tech companies. Research and Development or R&D are also needed to make the product lighter, smaller, faster, efficient etc.
What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples
What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples

What are High Tech Industries?

Computer Companies:The computer industry has had a tremendous impact on our society. The PC industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It has expanded through many different countries, including Japan, the United States, and Europe. The computer industry has recently been growing at rapid rates, especially in the development of tablets and smartphones.

High Tech Industry Example: Military 

Military: The military sector is a good example of the emerging high tech industries. Its new weapons and sophisticated aircrafts are an eye catcher for the people making other countries consider new military expansions in order to become more secure. The military sector is also the largest high tech industry in the world for example: USA military budget is 4% of their total GDP.

High Tech Industry Example: Biotechnology

Biotechnology deals with using living organisms to develop new medicines and medical devices that improve our lives. Its main focus on bio-engineered products such as stem cells, DNA tests, gene therapy, contraception methods etc. The employment in this sector has been rising massively in the last few years due to new improvements and innovations happening on a daily basis.

High Tech Industry Example: Factories

Factories with a limited number of employees have now been replaced by large factories that are specialized in the production of certain products. The rise of such factories has led to a larger market for their goods and has enabled manufacturers to produce more efficiently. These types of factories are known as high tech factories because they use advanced machinery to do their job. For example: auto assembly plants in which machines are used to assemble an entire car rather than having thousands of workers assemble the parts one by one. This way is more efficient and also safer.

High Tech Industry Example: Manufacturing

Manufacturing has slowly been introducing new technologies to increase its efficiency and to lower the cost of production. One of the most widely used technologies is robotics. Robots, unlike humans, don’t tend to get tired or distracted, which means they can work for longer hours without getting sick or falling asleep. In addition, robots are not human and therefore tend not to make errors that could result in faulty products.
What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples
What is High Tech? Definition and Industry Examples

What is considered an innovation in high tech?

An innovation in high tech can be a technological advance or the development of a new technology. For example: the invention of the MRI scans, it is an application that uses magnetic resonance to provide detailed images of organs and tissues inside the body. This technology was invented back in 1977 by Raymond Damadian.
Another example for a revolutionary innovation in the high tech industry is the Kindle, a small electronic reader developed by Amazon. The Kindle has changed how people read books. It has also reduced how much space you need to store books because you can now store thousands of books on your Kindle.

What should you do if you come up with an innovative high tech solution?

Patent it.
A patent is a legal document that gives the inventor exclusive rights over their invention. The purpose of the patent is to protect the invention from being copied by anyone else. Patents however, don’t last forever, and as an inventor my only be able to maintain them for about 20 years without paying any fees.

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