Top 5 VR Companies in LA, California

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What does it mean to be a VR Company?

It means to be a few steps ahead of everyone.

While some companies are still unable to position themselves well enough on the market, a group of visionaries in Los Angeles, California is on a mission to colonize the future. 

For several years now we’ve been talking about the endless opportunities which virtual reality hides up its sleeves. This unique innovation finds common ground with every area of human creation that is known to society. Technology allows us to get acquainted with new dimensions of art, entertainment, tourism, music, gaming, architecture, medicine, and so on. 

If you are familiar enough with VR, you will know that very soon this technology will take over our lives. This may sound unimaginable but after all who would’ve thought that a single device with the size of our palms would determine our whole personal and professional life?

Here’s the list of the Top 5 VR Companies in LA, CA that will make virtual living possible.

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  1. Citrus Bits

With a team of over 70 employees, this VR company is big in the world of mobile app development. Citrus Bits is there for you from the very start of your strategy building – all the way to the full UI/UX design, support, and maintenance. 

Where? Los Angeles, CA

Former Clients: National Geographic, Burger King, Mercedes-Benz, UCLA

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  1. Wevr

“We Believe in Immersive Experiences” – that’s how wevr sum up their mission. The talented engineering and design team has created breathtaking VR stories since 2010. A look through their software portfolio shows A+ creativity and performance.

Where? Venice, CA

Former Clients: Oculus, Samsung, Huawei, Google

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  1. Vertebrae

Vertebrae is where 3D and AR meet. The company helps eCommerce shops with the build of their own strategy and fun multidimensional visualization of the products. By engaging shoppers with an easy to use software the solution grows your sales.

Where? Santa Monica, CA

Former Clients: Adidas, Fendi, Toyota, Facebook

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  1. Saritasa

Founded in 2005, these VR pioneers specialized in software development and IoT solutions. Saritasa has headquarters in New York, Vietnam, and Russia. Over the past years, the company has worked with almost every single industry that you could think of.

Where? Newport Beach, CA

Former Clients: Sony, Disney, Android Music, Toyota

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  1. WildeBeest

The impressive graphics of WildeBeest’s website give just a brief idea of the teams’ stunning virtual reality work. This digital agency creates unique mobile apps and custom software for all kinds of purposes. The team received a lot of media attention and was world-widely recognized as a leader in the industry. The long awards list of the company speaks for itself.

Where? Marina Del Rey, CA

Former Clients: Google, Netflix, Disney, Microsoft

These are the top 5 VR companies in Los Angeles, California that are worth following. Make sure to check out their work and steal some inspiration for your own projects.

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