List: Best Artificial Intelligence Movies 2021

All Time Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We will go through our list of some of the best Artificial Intelligence movies in the history of science fiction.Their contributions to the AI subject are simply priceless and should not be missed. And yes, there are a number of films that go far beyond being “AI”. 

All Time Best AI Movie #1: Her (2013)

“Her” is a stunning film masterpiece. The movie, featuring Scarlett Johansson, is amazing love story like no other. It is perhaps the best romantic movie focused on artificial intelligence. 

The film is about Theodore Twombly, a lonely, introverted writer who uses an artificial intelligence system to help him write his novels. “Her” is inspired by Siri and directed by Spike Jonze.

All Time Best AI Movie #2: The Terminator

Then there are the action films like “The Terminator,” one of the most influential films ever made, which raises the question of how artificial intelligence could move society to another level. This is the perfect film that manages to show the human – alien nature of artificial intelligence in a way that many other films don’t.

All Time Best AI Movie #3: 2001: A Space Odyssey

This science fiction film from the 1968 “s was one of the first to introduce the idea of AI to cinematography. Although the film was received with mixed feelings when it was released, it is now considered the most important film ever made to explore the relationship between human and artificial intelligence and its impact on human society. 

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All Time Best AI Movie #4: The Machine (2013)

Two computer programmers fall in love after creating a artificial intelligence that is supposed to help humanity. At first glance, the film is not about biochemically altered human intelligence, but it is an emotional journey that takes us on a journey to find out if we can ever be more than machines.

All Time Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence (AI)
All Time Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

All Time Best AI Movie #5: I, Robot

This film about AI robots revolves around the three laws of robotics, invented by Isaac Asimov in 1942, which govern the interaction between robots and humans. One of these laws, the “law of robotics,” states that no form of artificial intelligence may be used in robots. 

All Time Best AI Movie #6: Morgan (2016)

Morgan is the first trailer ever focused only on artificial intelligence. It is also very different from other films about high tech thanks to the director Luke Scott. Morgan is one of the most famous films about artificial intelligence in the history of cinema. 

All Time Best AI Movie #7: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

The A.I. movie is dedicated to Stanley Kubrick and was voted one of the best films about artificial intelligence in 2001, along with “The Matrix” and “2001.” The storyline is focused on an android kid who is programmed to feel, be emotional and close to people. A question remains – is it possible for a robot to love like a human? Can we program AI that loves?

All Time Best AI Movie #8: Alien (1979)

Another film about artificial intelligence and characters is Alien, about a computer system programmed to warn humans of the Earth and the space station. Made in 1979, this science fiction horror is still one of the evergreens in the film industry.

Whether or not it remains in the science fiction genre is another question altogether, but one thing can be said with certainty: many more films with artificial intelligence will be released in the future.

All Time Best AI Movie #9: RoboCop

Everybody knows about RoboCop. The movie has a cyberpunk vibe and follows a fascinating story with not one, but a series of three sequences. Like every Hollywood masterpiece, the movie also had a masterpiece. 

All Time Best AI Movie #10: iHuman (2019)

iHuman is different. Because it is an AI documentary. It takes a look at the social aspects of “breeding” AI and implementing this high tech in our everyday lifes. iHuman is amazing movie which you should definetley watch.

If you’re interested in science and are passionate about technology, these are the top 10 movies with artificial intelligence that you should definitely watch.

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