NFT Stocks: Everything you need to know 2022

In this blog post you will recieve full information about NFT Stocks - where to buy from, how to buy, nft scok trading platforms, selling, prices, investing potential etc.

What are NFT Stocks?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” – an asset with unique value that can be bought and sold. It’s the latest hype in the investing world.

✅ Unique Value
✅ Ownership
✅ Trading
✅ 100% Digital
✅ Can be used for copyright law
✅ Investing Potential

NFT Stocks For Dummies: Explained

Ownership of NFT is the concept that each physical asset has an individual identity. This allows you to trade it for another one of the same asset. You can’t exchange, say, my iPhone for your iPhone, unless they are the exact same model. For example my iPhone is not worth $1 because its value is tied to its specific identity (iPhones are only worth $500). Because you can’t just give someone my iPhone and they can’t give me their iPhone, the concept of ownership is what makes exchanging anything valuable happen.

For NFT Creators: How to Create and Sell NFT Art and Crypto Art?

How a Non-Fungible Token is different?

In the world of digital assets there are two types of digital tokens: fungible and non-fungible. As defined by Investopedia, a token is a unit of value that represents a stake an entity holds in another entity (a business, asset, or idea). Fungible tokens come with all sorts of restrictions and try to represent real world assets like gold and diamonds. Non-fungible tokens however, do not require any type of physical representation and can be traded as entirely digital assets (such as those used in the blockchain space).

Fungibility has been around since the beginning of time; it’s what makes us money.

Fungible assets allow us to exchange units of value for something that has the same value as that which you gave up. For example, trading one silver dollar for another silver dollar of equal quality. This way, no matter how you conduct your transactions, the fact that one unit of currency “is worth” another unit of currency is accepted.
Non-fungibility is just the opposite. It’s the idea that each individual entity has its very own unique set of characteristics and thus can’t be easily compared to other assets. It’s what makes you so special.

What is NFT Stocks Trading?

Trading NFTs means buying and selling those in a NFT trading platform.

To trade NFTs, you need an exchange that will allow you to trade it for another asset. The standard of trading will need to be similar to how more traditional assets are traded.

For example: You buy an NFT art piece for 0.07 ETH. The trade helps you in transfering your Ethereum from your wallet to the NFT’s creator wallet.

NFT trading - what is it

Benefits of NFT Trading

Offering a non-fungible asset on the blockchain is revolutionizing the idea of a token. A non-fungible token can be:
  • traded by any third party
  • doesn’t have to be associated with the same entity as its issuer
  • could be anything
  • helps creators
  • helps with copyright
  • is fair and eco-friendly

In fact, without any association or connection to its issuer, that asset could have been created by anyone. This presents a unique opportunity for creators that traditionally had limited options for monetization.

What you should know before investing in NFT Stocks

The goal is for you to have enough information so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to invest in this type of stock and what some key differences between common stocks and NFTs might be.

NFT Stocks Trading Step by Step: How to trade NFTs?

Trading NFTs is simple, but requires you to have financial literacy. Here’s our step by step guide on trading NFTs:

  1. Create a profile in a legit NFT trading platform (Link to Binance)
  2. Verify your ID and connect your wallet with your credit info
  3. Deposit money (most NFTs are in Ethereum)
  4. Open the NFTs Marketplace and Choose your Art
  5. Buy it by bidding or paying a fixed pice
buy your first nft

Buying NFT Stocks by bidding


  1. Found an NFT that you like with an active Auction sale
  2. Click on “Place a bid”
  3. If by the end of the auction, you have the highest bid, you will recieve the NFT shortly.

Buying NFT Stocks with a fixed price


Nfts with fixed price are instant sales

  1. Open the NFT
  2. Click on Buy now

Where to buy NFTs? Best NFT trading platforms

NFT trading platforms are places where you can find buyers and sellers of your assets. When someone wants to buy an asset, they search for it with their Asset ID. When someone wants to sell their asset, they search for it with your ID.

  1. Binance (use this link for 5% cashback by egorithms)
  2. Opensea
  3. Foundation

What are NFT mystery boxes?


A Mystery Box is a way to buy NFT… but with a twist. It’s a surprise that is only revealed when you “open” the box after buying it. here are four kinds of NFT you might find: super, super rare (SSR), super rare (SR), rare (R), and normal (N).

NFT Stocks Trading Prices: How much does it cost to buy an NFT on average?

NFT prices variy. As of September 2021, the average price for NFT on trading platforms is between 0.07 ETH, 200 USD and 0.30 BNB.

What are the best NFT stocks to buy?

Pro Tip: To find out which are the best NFTs to buy, you can check out the stocks on the list below. These NFT stocks have performed well in the past few months and are worth checking out for your non-fungible tokens. Having an NFT trading platform will also help you get more exposure to the idea of non-fungible trading.

What to look for when choosing an NFT stock:

  • Average price on the market as of today
  • Prvevious artowork of the creator
  • Social Media Proof and How Well-Known the artist is
  • Overall social hype about the artwork

Why NFT sotcks are considered an investment?

NFT is an investment asset because each asset can have its own unique ID and can be easily identified. What this means for the non-fungible token is that each one is special, has its own attributes , and can’t be easily exchanged for another. Assets are not fungible therefore it is critical to use the same exchange to trade them.

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