World-recognized artist SUNTUR presents big NFT collection “8760 hours”

Suntur NFT Collection on 1b1 8760 hours

Good news for the NFT community – a new collection **AND** new platform are launching!

@SUNTUR, a well-known Thai illustrator and painter, is preparing to launch his big NFT collection “8760 hours”. Tha launch will happen on Monday (17th) at the exclusive platform

About the #NFT Collection: 8760 hours

The collection captures the special moments of the specific date and time during a year in the parallel digital world. This special project of SUNTUR is the leading collection of 1b1, the online gallery for NFT with blockchain technology which will be released at the same time as the platform’s first debut.

Неозаглавен дизайн 48

Each generated art piece depicts the special moment of the specific date and time. With the artist’s uniqueness, combined with OPN and DoseArt art generator program, the individuality and excitement were added to this collection.

The 1b1 NFT gallery

1b1 nft gallery

1b1 NFT gallery is under the concept of interweaving the Metaverse and the real world by generating new art pieces in the form of NFT.

1b1 is using NFT to verify the rights of holding the work in the real world – making it an exciting new concept for artists and art collectors all around the world.

 A new outlook on Generative Art with 1b1 

Turns out that 1b1 is a gamechanger for the industry.

The uniqueness of 1b1 is that each art piece is created in collaboration between the artist and the computer program. The algorithm creatively turns the generated artwork into a unique and surprising outcome.

Here’s what 1b1’s team shared with us:

“With the artist’s uniqueness combined with our art generator program, we are able to create infinite versions of generative art which breaks the rule of the traditional art world. Moreover, 1b1 also manages the NFT selling process on the platform supporting the artists and helping with the technical problem of this new technology.”

The platform will allow artists and collectors to connect, collect NFT and exchange ideas between people with similar interests.


Suntur NFT collection on 1b1


Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul

SUNTUR is a well-known Thai illustrator and painter with a unique style that catches your eyes at first glance. His collections are known both in Thailand and abroad. His work combines both clean and neat compositions while the main element flawlessly plays a perfect role in telling the story to the audience.

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