NFT Hash & Ownership: What information does my NFT store after Minting?

What's the code of my NFT / NFT hash contract minting

Let’s say that you have created an NFT. You minted your very first file.

Then, a question occurs…


What is actually my NFT?

Is it a Code? Is it a hash? 

What is behind my GIF?

For this article, we will use an example from the amazing website [].

What is my NFT code after minting? Is it an address or a hash?

After minting an NFT you get this long-a** information of the digital file.

This is the data that stands behind a GIF. It can be long (entire data set of an artwork) or short. This data foes into the blockchain and is saved there forever.The longer the data, the higher energy consumption => higher electricity bill => higher transactional costs.

It can look just like this:

What's the code of my NFT / NFT hash contract minting

creating a NFT smart contract and minting NFT.

Code source: schoenherr

This means that when creating an NFT, most of the time you’re using a smart contract and a data about the art.  Most of the times, the information used to identify the NFT artwork is the metadata and additional info, stored in a URI – A Uniform Resource Identifier.

NFT minting URI and IPFS

Source: Medium

So what data does my NFT include?

Your NFT can stor the following data on the Blockchain:

  • The token ID
  • The owner’s address
  • A link to the actual artwork with the metadata of the NFT
  • The name of the artwork
  • Artwork Description
  • A link where the artwork is stored
  • License agreement
  • Other… ?

This is an example. Different NFTs store different information.

Creating a smart contract and minting nft nft code

What is an NFT hash?

A hash value is a “unique and reproducible alphanumeric value from a specific data set” calculated from the artwork. ( This is how your NFT remains  permanently linked to the artwork and the associated data. 

NFT Ownership & Hash: How do you check the owner of an NFT?

You need to know the alogirhtm used for the NFT creation. Then, you can check who is the ownr of the NFT – meaninf the assigned to the respective token holder,and the hash valuestored in the blockchain.

What’s NFT and IPFS: Ehere is my NFT stored?

IPFS is the InterPlanetary File System. This is a protocol. It’s a worldwide peer-to-peer network for decentrally storing public files
Many NFTs point the IPFS. 
You can check hash value or ( URI – Uniform Resource Identifier) on IPFS and check the link to the nFT artwork and associated data. The URI is the link to the metadata and the artwork. It’s secured and can prove a data record. And also if your NFT is ever deleted from the IPDS, you can retrieve it again.

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