New Media Art: What is it? Artists and definition 2021

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In this article, we will take a look at the definition of new media art – its purpose, meaning, technological aspect, and history. After taking a look at history, we will give some examples from the past few years and even name some new media artists of our century.

What is New Media Art? Definition of New Media Art

Media arts in general are all works of art that use media as a way to communicate their purpose.

This is a genre in contemporary art that interacts with its audience in an innovative way.

Some examples include interactive videos, spectacular multimedia installations, extraordinary presentations, montages and collages, installations using virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and so on.

New Media Art sometimes is called Net Art or Internet Art. The full meaning of Net art can be difficult to define, as it can represent different messages for each individual.

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Meaning and Purpose of New Media Art

Every artwork of New media art has its own unique purpose and meaning. Most of the messages lead to analysis and consideration of contemporary social phenomena. This genre affects strongly its audience by using technology. Its most interesting feature is the ability to engage and interact.

Technology used in New Media Art:

  • Face recognition
  • AR – Augmented Reality
  • VR – Virtual Reality
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence
  • ML – Machine Learning
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • VFX – Visual effects
  • Video montage tools
  • Photo editing tools
  • Robots
  • Video games
  • 3D printing
  • Holograms
  • CG Design
  • Mapping
  • Programming Languages
  • Touch Designer

Types of New Media Art

A lot of people enjoy this new form of art without realizing that it actually represents an individual genre. Some types of New Medi Art can be found under the names digital art, real-time art, generative art, interaction design, moving art, and so on.

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How is Net Art created?

As we mentioned before, New Media Art sometimes goes by the name net art or internet art. Net art is created by technology tools, data, and other digital assets. Sometimes Internet art can tell a strong message about society’s beliefs or problems. Most of the time the art pieces represent a dilemma, problem, ongoing change, or phenomenon.

Net art is an elusive and sometimes anarchic art form that uses the Internet as its primary material. Net art works often draw on data from other Internet materials and websites, which helps give them their distinctive dynamics and transience.

History of New Media Art

Some experts find the beginning of New Media Arts within the first experiments with moving photography in the 19th century when the first GIF-like images were created with the help of screen projection.

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But GIFs are not the same as today’s meaning of new media arts.
Today’s form of this art originated in the 90s – just around the time people started using technology in their everyday lives. The 90s set the beginning of online culture which eventually led to new forms of art. People found new ways to express their feelings for the internet and their concerns about the future. They talked about freedom of information, data distribution, communication, and other aspects of society’s progress.
As you can see, over the past decades, the definition of new media art received a new meaning than before. Social media strongly influenced the way the artists expressed themselves and the messages they tried to convey. Today, artists use the most innovative technologies to create and distribute their art pieces, and constantly develop the immense potential of this genre. 

Forms of New Media Art

Internet art comes in different forms. Some concepts include electronic art and virtual art. All artists have the freedom to choose their own approach, methodology, and tools for creation. Very often, artists showcase their concern with and reflection of new media and its effect on society.

What defines one work as New Media Art?
Usually, New Media Art (Internet art) has to do with one of the following factors:

  • It is created by using technology
  • It is performed with the help of technology
  • It is shown or performed online
  • Its main message has to do with technology
  • It interacts with the audience
  • It uses an innovative digital approach 

New Media Art Examples

As you can see New Media Art (also called Net art or Internet art) has various definitions, purposes, and meanings. Most artworks showcase the artists’ concert about the future of technology and how this will affect society. This genre will continue to grow in the future.

About the Author

About the Author

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