New Media Artists – Top 6 of the Best in 2021

Best New Media Artists in 2021

New Media Art is a new concept which combiens present and future, reality and virtual. Art is gaining more and more fans and like-minded people who add new dimensions to this unique way of self-expression.

What is New Media Art?

here are the best new media artists in 2021

  1. Alfie dwyer

2. RaFia Santana

3. Shane from 3Dimension

4. Yucef Merhi

5. Maja Petric

6. Jeffrey Shaw

Check out their work. It’s worth it!

  1. Alfie Dwyer – Amazing New Media Artist

Alfie Dwyer

Alfie is a multimedia artist, animator, and filmmaker. His work focuses on the human body, the digital world, and dark comedy.


He loves to play with green screen and glitch effects. Most of his work feels trippy and kind of intimidating.


#3d #animation #glitchart #cgi #trippy #visualfodder #dimension



Next in our list of Best New Media Artists in 2021 we have a lovely lady which is a proud creator and deserves a lot of attention.

2. RaFia Santana – Talented and Beautiful New Media Artist

RaFia Santana

Rafia is a multidisciplinary artist from Brooklyn, NY. She has an unique style in vibrant colors and pink tones. Her project #Dizzillusions was featured on Times Square Arts @ Midnight.

She has a great fashion sense as well. Her artwork kind of feels like Bratz dolls on acid. Oh, also, did I mention that she has a SoundCloud?

#newmedia #SeeRaFia #3D


Next on our list of New Media Artists we have ShaneF Motion Design. We are pretty sure this artist is going to rock 2021. We can’t wait to see what he will bring to us.

3. Shane from 3Dimension

Shane @ShaneF Motion Design

Shane is a NYC based 3D artist who explores abstract and experiential 3D design. 

Inspired by mathematics and real life phenomenon, his art work often creates an augmented reality with ethereal vibes.

#shanef3d #trippyart #ifyouhigh #augmentedreality #streetart #arkit #digitalart


Next up in our list of New media Artists in 2021 we have Yucef Merhi.

4. Yucef Merhi

Yucef Merhi

Yucef is a talented Venezuelan artist who combines programming and visual design to create spectacular artwork.

He creates interactive environments, computer based works and digital applications. He address social, political, and philosophical issues. Most of this content has been comprised in poetic constructions.

#interactive #generative #art #newmedia


Coming up nexy is Maja Petric. A beautiful artist, mother and a true example of creativity in 2021. Thank you, Maja!

5. Maja Petrić

Maja Petric

Maja Petric is a New Media artist specialized in creating installations and dynamic sculptures.

Evoking nature allows her to engage people with their innate connection with the environment and other fellow humans to the degree that one can recognize unity with something greater than oneself in a vast and interconnected universe.

#nstallations #nature #art


There’s no way we are NOT mentioning te amazing Jeffrey Shaw – one of the pioneers of today’s New Media Art genre. 

6. Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw is a famous visual artist in New Media Art. Shaw was co-designer of Algie the inflatable pig from the 1977 Pink Floyd album, Animals.

He uses digital media technologies for artwork with expanded cinema, interactive art, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, immersive visualization environments, navigable cinematic systems and interactive narrative.

#mixedreality #virtual #interactive #ar #cinematic


Thank you for reading this article on Best New Media Artists of 2021. If you are part of the movement and you want to be featured in elgorithms, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will keep an eye on the best artists in 2021.

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