X Reality: Extended reality. What is it? (2021)

What is X Reality? Extended reality

In this article we will take a look of the definition of X Reality and X Technology. Is it the same? What are the differences? Let’s see.

What is X Reality?

X reality is an enviroment of existence where there’s a mix between real life elements and virutal elements. 

X Reality also goes by the names – XR, Cross Reality, Extended Reality, X Technology, Extended Technology, Mixed Reality and others.

What is X Technology? X Tech Meaning

In order to create X Reality, people use X Technology. This includes all kinds of networks and software that help develop a realistic virtual world. 

X Technology uses software and hardware. The X in X-tech stands for where ‘X’ is a variable for all spatial computing technologies – of today and tomorrow. 

You may have asked yourself – why does Musk love X so much? What does the X mean in SpaceX? And ModelX? Well, the X stands for all technology and tools used in the making.

The X represents innovation and that’s why technology lovers use it so much in their inventions.

What is X reality? What is Extended Technology?

What does X Reality / XR include?

X Technology creates content for X Reality (XR). This content can be used in:

  • Virtual Reality projects (VR)
  • Mixer Reality projects (MR)
  • Cinematic Reality projects (CR)
  • Techwear
  • New Media Art
  • Alternate reality projects
  • New-age games
  • Augmented web browsing
  • Computer-mediated reality
  • Head-mounted display Reality–virtuality continuum
  • Smartglasses
  • Visuo-haptic mixed reality
  • Wearable computing
  • Fintech
  • All industries

XR is a very flexible term and can be combined with different words because it takes over our lifes in all aspects.

When did X Reality occur first?

It’s very hard to determine when X Reality occur first. The concept, overall, is related to a new lifestyle ruled by technology and connected at all times. With technology advancement, the need to define such a word as “X Reality” has necessitated its invention.

But don’t be a fool – virtual is not the opposite of real. They are one.

Even though we are not sure who came up with the word first, we should mention Kevin Warwick. Kevin was the first cyborg man who proved the possibility of using an artificial hand – an act that defines the very first big step for medical use. Warwick showed that the relationship between human and machie can be friendly.

What are some examples of Extended Reality?

Examples of X Reality can be seen in our everyday life. Extended Rality itself is Virutal Reality and Augmented Reality combined and upgraded. 

Extended Reality is VR and AR on steroids. Really.

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What is the future of Extended Reality and X Technology?

magie a limitless world where there’s no inbetween virtual and real. Everythings exists within one. 
Now take a look at your stats. How much time did you spent online over the past weekend?
Seems like the futuristic world from our dreams is the same as the one we live in now. The only thing that is going to change in the future is the way we interact with others. X technology will improve our experience of everydaylife and will add another layer to life.
Technology X will present a brand new sense to humanity.

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