Which Technology is in Demand in IT Jobs? (2021)

Which Technology is in Demand in IT Jobs? (2021)

Which technology is in demand in IT jobs in 2021? That’s a hard question to answer, especially given that digital space is evolving at such a high rate that needs are not near meeting. Obviously, now it’s more profitable than ever to work as a software developer.

Let’s take a brief look on some data.

According to recruiters, career sites and experts, the jobs in the IT industry are in the highest demand over the next five years.

With tens of thousands of vacancies, software engineering needs more than 1,000 new full-time jobs, according to a recent report by the US Department of Labor.

Demand for data analysts is forecast to soar by 2022. Other data suggests that full-service developers are most in demand by employers. 

According to the same report by the US Department of Labor, software developers will have 21% more jobs between 2028 and 2040. Also, software developers’ jobs are expected to decline by 6% over the next five years, but to rise to 20% by 2027.

Basically, anyone who also wants to start a career in IT should know that the most sought-after tech job is up until 2021 and will continue to flourish in the years to come. 

If you’re just starting to think about what you want to be when you’re grown up and have had enough of your current nine to five, here are few advanced technologies and tech jobs that will be in high demand in 2021.

Which Technology is in Demand in IT Jobs? (2021)

Data Science

Today, there are 23 million developers worldwide, and by 2040 there will be 27.7 million, making it definitely one of the highest-paying technology jobs in the world.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the role of data scientist is also in high demand: 2.5 million jobs are to be created over the next five years, up from 1.8 million in 2015. 

A data scientist understands the meeting point between computer science and statistics. This is a highly analytical expert who can find logical patterns and apply them to various technological challenges.

The most sought-after jobs are the highest paid jobs in the data sector, but don’t look for any of the careers described above that appeal to you. For example, data analysts and data architects lack skilled workers, making them the top 10 highest-paid technology jobs in 2021, according to a new IT Salaries Report. 

Computer Science

To qualify for a position as a computer scientist, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer technology or any other technical field.

Usually employers prefer candidates with a university degree. For Computer Science experts it’s important to have at least two years of experience in technology-related fields such as engineering or computer science. Some employers preferred candidates without a university degree to those with a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree. 

Take a look at Amazon, which is hiring a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), or more precisely CIO with a degree in computer science.

Which Technology is in Demand in IT Jobs? (2021)

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality 

All around the world IT professionals are using technologies such as Unity 3D & Unreal Engine. But the list of useful platforms doesn’t stop there. 

You don’t have to code in order to get into VR / Ar development. Actually, this innovative tech field is way more complicated. It requires the powerhouse of a team made of Designers, UI/UX Experts, Modelers, Programmers and many more… 

Neural Networks & Deep Learning

Neural Network or an Artificial neural network is an information processing model inspired by the study of bioelectrical networks in the human and animal brains formed by neurons and their synapses.

Neural Network Developers understand deep learning. They can come up with alternative practical solutions to tech challenges such as file classification, recognition, automation, and so on. They can predict and map out a pattern of behavior and therefore, simplify organizational processes.

Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) sums up the ability to track, process and send information in all aspects of everyday.  

The simplest definition of IoT is that it’s a process of constant connection between devices and people – from our smart home, through the phone and all the way to the carpet in the living room.

IoT experts are usually tech experts and Senior Developers with proven skills in developing smart applications, innovative products and rapid adaptability to the nature of the technological solution they need to develop.

Which Technology is in Demand in IT Jobs? (2021)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Both Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are approaches that aim to enrichen the knowledge of technological solutions. However, there are some differences.
Machine learning approaches devices through experience and numerous testing.
Artificial Intelligence is a more broad idea of smart behavior that can be achieved through machine learning, deep learning, research, and so on. 
AI and ML experts are IT professionals who can easily work with a large set of data, analyze and apply them. The main goal is to achieve the highest possible level of improvement in digital processes.

Most professionals working in the field of information technology have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or other technical fields. If you are going to be an IT manager, you should at least have a lot of experience in a variety of other IT areas, such as software engineering, web development, database management, network technology and so on. 

There is no doubt that many technology and professional jobs require a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or any other programming language. If you have a job that requires a lot of programming, it can be advantageous to master one or two programming languages.

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) often have access to a wide range of technological capabilities, including web development, programming, and data science. Some of the hottest tech jobs require knowledge of programming, and if you want to do a high-tech job in the data sector, what should you look for? 

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