Will Software Developers Lose Their Jobs?

Will Software Developers Lose Their Jobs?

Let’s find the answer to one of the most frequently asked qustions in the world – will software developers lose their jobs? Will ever coding become outdated, out of fashion. Will it stop bringing money?

Demand for Software Developers

The employment prospects for software developers are better than ever, but many of those jobs are in the hands of a handful of companies, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and Microsoft Research.

Software developers usually work in an office environment, and many of them act as information technology specialists. In the last decade or so, software developers have filled most tech corporate offices in the United States.

Although some IT experts are not working for a particular company, good software engineers who are passionate about development can do any technical job by themselves. 

How to get a Software Developer Job?

It’s not hard ot find a job as a Software Developer nowadays. All you have to do is to learn a skillset and tech stack which is currently in high demand. And then.. you waint.

For some experts it’s enough to just create a LinkedIn profile and select “Looking for opporunities”. Real talk here, LinkedIn is like TInder for software developers because HR experts are always looking for them and offering generous salaries. But how long will this demand last?

Will Software Developers Lose Their Jobs?

Software developers destroy other jobs

You can spend years writing code that could permanently destroy 10 or even 100 jobs, so it makes sense to be in demand.

Today, software developers find job easily.

There are times when companies can hire inexperienced software developers for lack, but you can’t and shouldn’t expect them to do high-quality work for the next month or even a year. Even though they know that these specialists are unexperienced, the high demand and market need pushes them into hiring them. Because… they need someone. Even if they learn on-the-go.

Will Software Developers Become Obsolete?

No, Software Developers won’t become obsolete. Forget the rumors!

Software developers won’t lose their jobs anytime soon.

The good news for programmers is that their jobs will become safer as they become familiar with AI and new, trendy programming practices.

With the technological development of the coming decades, high-level programming jobs will become more accessible to job seekers.

We all should learn to code… If we want to survive

Even if you don’t want to become a software engineer, programming will make you more valuable to employers, which will improve your job prospects in the event of an expected recession. 

How much do Software Developers earn?

Salary of a Software Developer is always generous

As with any software engineer, system developers tend to earn more than application developers (app experts). Web developers earn the least. That data must be accurate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With less competition for their work, the current pool of software developers is more likely to demand higher salaries and be less willing to work for less. 

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Can AI replace software developers?


I think we will start to see AI in the workplace more and more, but at the moment it seems safe to write software and create dynamic websites. I do not believe that AI will take over all jobs; it will enable developers to develop better products and better business models. 

What Is The Salary Of An Artificial Intelligence Engineer?

More people will become software developers

What matters is that people without programming training could replace developers in the future. But sill, people with little to no experience are a no threat to experts. So no, they won’t be obsolete.

Software engineering and development are hard enough for people, but the time, skill, and investment required to create an application, software, or website is hard to replicate. Even if the developer has all the time on Earth to build something perfect to create a great product for the customer. 

Increasing the number of software developers on the market is not trivial in an area where there is already a high level of dropouts and turnover among developers, and this will only increase as the field grows. A larger pool of software development workers will drive up wages and encourage more developers to move into the profession. 

The Future Job of A Programmer – Automated Software Development

Not obsolete, but bright! The future of programming is embedding AI and design, and most other jobs in the economy, including current programming jobs, will be automated. The threat that code and low-code platforms pose to developers will only change if the automation that drives them becomes more advanced. 

Automation tools are starting to sprout, while software testing is becoming a hot topic. 

Will robots replace Software Developers?

If programs are just a means to get things done, developers should not worry about the growing capabilities of automation. When automation comes to developers, it is up to them to ensure that automated programs make sufficient progress to do so.

One day, A.I. software developers will most probably do everything a human programmer can do. But that means perfecting everything that humans do. AI turns human developers into much more robust programmers, it does not replace the evolution of the human race, altogether. Until then… No software developer job will become obsolete.

Note that the goal is not to hire a software developer who does the minimum until a better opportunity arises, but one who is passionate about the work. If you want to hire the best software developers, you need to understand the candidate at a deeper level. 


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