Artificial Intelligence: Top 5 Benefits and Risks For Society

Artificial Intelligence: Top 5 Benefits and Risks For Society

Machine learning is an artificial intelligence application that gives systems the ability to learn and improve automatically without being explicitly programmed. It enables computers and robots to perform a wide range of tasks related to intelligence, such as data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. This makes it one of the most important technologies in artificial intelligence.

By automating campaigns Artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizes the way people do their work.

Benefit of AI: Automation Drives Creativity

Using artificial intelligence, mundane tasks can be productively automated, humans become increasingly creative, and boring tasks for humans can even be removed or removed.

The use of artificial intelligence not only automates everyday tasks such as data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, etc., but also productively automates them. People are also growing creatively, especially in marketing, advertising, communications, marketing automation, social media, digital marketing and other areas. 

Benefit of AI: Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Artificial intelligence has become something that smart marketers want to add to their strategies.
For example, social media managers would automate the process of scraping out trading posts from the web > scraping out the trending hashtags > scheduling the images for posting. 
Another example is Sales managers who automatically contact potential new leads through LinkedIn. You must have received some of these annoying generic greeting messages at this point, right? The truth is that they actually work.
Artificial Intelligence: Top 5 Benefits and Risks For Society

Benefit of AI: Easier, Better and Convenient Communication

The easiest way to define artificial intelligence is to place it in the computer technology domain, which highlights intelligent machines that work with people… And respond to people.
Chatbots do the job perfectly. They can help users in finding out answers to some of the frequently asked questions or assist them by guiding them through difficult processes.

Imagine that you are desperate because you have a serious problem with your brand new PC. It seems that there’s something off with your video card. You need assistance but it’s Christmas. That’s right, nobody is online. Meanwhile, you need to get the job done. All that you need right now is a person who can guide you through the process of installing a software driver. By interacting with a chatbot, AI can guide you through the whole process – step by step and even suggest alternative solutions at any time of the day.

Benefit of AI: Analyzing Data and Making Informed Decisions

There are many aspects of daily life where the effects of artificial intelligence are likely to improve our lives, such as health, education, health care, the economy, and education.

Artificial intelligence can sift through petabytes of information, which the human brain is simply not designed to do. By analyzing hundreds of trillions of data, they can take into account important factors that help us make better informed decisions.

Benefit of AI: Security and Moderating The Web

The opportunities that artificial intelligence opens up for us every day – will benefit everyone, whether it comes in the form of better health care, better education, or better security.

The Edureka session “The Benefits of AI” will help you understand how AI affects different areas of our lives. One of the main benefits comes to moderating the web space and maintaining a safe environment. 

Social media platforms are extremely influential. They can manipulate and direct public interest to certain topics, as well as raise or undermine authority. But how do you moderate such a powerful tool when everyone is posting, all the time? By using Artificial Intelligence this is impossible.

One of the leading members of a research team at the University of California, Berkeley, offered an example of the use of artificial intelligence to remove extremist content from Facebook. Yep, that’s possible to program.

Artificial Intelligence: Top 5 Benefits and Risks For Society

AI Risk: Outdated Job Skills

Some believe that artificial intelligence will not only take people’s jobs away, but will also lead to the loss of their respective skills.

Because artificial intelligence systems are machine-based, they will be able to perform repetitive tasks much more efficiently than humans. Just because they are machines. But this is not 100% a bad thing. As a result, the development of self-driving cars, smartphones, and other smart devices will greatly reduce human error. Artificial intelligence can also perform repetitive tasks that require a lot of resources and time, which increases their efficiency. 

This means that people need to prepare themselves for the jobs of the future.

Artificial Intelligence: Top 5 Benefits and Risks For Society

AI Risk: Lack of Emotion in Artifical Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that has the ability to work better than humans. It can think strictly professionaly rectilinearly, without including emotions and other concomitant circumstances and factors relevant to the particular case. It does not judge people by characteristics such as gender or age, it has no feelings and should be developed for its own purposes. 

This can become a big problem overtime, for some cases such as determination of guilt in the judiciary.

Artificial Intelligence: Top 5 Benefits and Risks For Society

Is Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad?

AI can be whatever you program it to be.

While chatbots and virtual assistants are increasingly understanding the customer, artificial intelligence regards every interaction as a teachable moment.

It can perform the same function even if you give it different commands, but it cannot answer all expectations by itself.

Technological advances allow us to be extremely flexible and successful in our duties. But how we use our technology and our own creations is up to us.

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