Following Qazar Through Music & 3D New Media Art

Following Qazar Through Music & 3D New Media Art


Brice Afonso is a 28-year-old french guy. So far he has worked in the audio post-production industry. During the pandemic he started learning 3D and mastered the New Media Art world.
“As I am getting older I really want to include more creativity into my daily work and make it central in my life, which wasn’t really the case for a long time since I was doing a lot of technical work.” – Brice
Brice Afonso - Qazar

Brice, you are such a creative person – you do 3D, graphic design, music and sound design! How did you get into all of those?

I first did film school, not really sure of what to do with my life. At that time I was trying (and failing) to make electronic music and decided to focus on sound.
After school, I started working as an assistant to sound engineers for film post-production in Paris which was an amazing learning opportunity. But after a few years and another job, I decided to quit everything and travel for a while.
I came back when countries started closing borders for the coronavirus and started doing some freelance sound design jobs. I still had a lot of time and I started playing with 3D software for a bit and got addicted very quickly!

What’s the hardest discipline of all of them?

 think music and sound design are harder to get into initially than 3D or graphic design.
Learning music is hard and really not fun (at least for me), learning sound design is difficult on your own. In 3D, I feel like everything makes sense faster because it’s more visual, you can add and modify simple objects and setup a camera in minutes. There’s also great free software and tutorials.
But when it comes to making a finished project that you’re proud of, all of them are incredibly complex. If you want to become a master in your field, you’ll dedicate your life to it.

What technology and software do you use for your artwork?

For my daily renders I use Blender and Photoshop, or After Effects if it’s an animation. There are some specialized tools which I use sometimes, like Marvelous Designer to make clothing and Daz Studio to prepare and animate a character.

What’s the most challenging part of creating New Media Art?

For me right now, the hardest part is to keep pushing and learn new techniques despite the routine. With Instagram being so central to creatives nowadays, finding your own style and not being depressed about people’s crazy talent everywhere. It’s hard!


How do you imagine the future of technology?

I think AR and VR are going to become more standard in our daily lives, more integrated.

I’m excited about that. AI is becoming more powerful as well and will probably be much bigger in terms of impact, we’re starting to see how dangerous it can be. We will have to face new challenges and abuses of power, as it seems to be the standard thing humans do with every new technology.

I’m in my own bubble most of the time so I don’t really think about this all that much but when I try to think about the close future, I can’t help but feel like something is going to go horribly wrong at some point. I also think it is quite a  common feeling in the younger generations.

Following Qazar Through Music & 3D New Media Art

Are there any exhibitions or support groups for New Media Artists in Paris?

 I honestly have no clue, first because apart from music, it’s all very recent to me, and second with the coronavirus stopping most events I stopped thinking about it. I know some small groups of artists and residencies, some of them getting started in the near future, so I may try and get closer to them. For now I don’t put a focus on it though since the next months are still very uncertain. 

On a final note

I want to encourage anyone who is bored at home to get started making stuff, 3D or not. There’s a ton of free resources and tutorials out there. don’t focus on creating something perfect right away but focus on learning and put work out online, it will push you to keep going. If you have any questions get in touch with me 🙂


Support Qazar

You can reach Qazar on Instagram where you he posts regulary his artwork and overall progress. Every comment or DM is really appreciated, and he responds to all of them!

Qazar recently started a Society6 shop where you can get prints and stickers. You can also listen to his music on all streaming platforms.

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