Elongate: What is it? How to buy?

Elongate: What is it? How to buy?
  1. Create a Binance account

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the. From 2019 till now.

2. You put some money (dollars, euros) and trade them into BNB 

BNB is the cryptocurrency (token) of the Binance platform. It’s easier if you do this on mobile.

3. Download the Metamask Wallet web extension. Connect your BNB to Metamask Wallet by using a Binance Smart Chain.

You can do that in Metamask > Settings > Networks > Add Network. Full tutorial here.

4. Withdraw your BNB and send it to your wallet. Tutorial

Notice: It may take a couple of minutes to process, your money is not lost if you selected everything right, so chill.

5. Use PancakeSwap to buy Elongate by following the button on elongate.co. Set the desired amount for swap and select slippage between 11% – 12%.

elongate - what is it and how to buy

Bought an Elongate token but can’t find it in my wallet. Where is it?

Follow these steps

  1. Click on your Meta Mask Website Extension
  2. Select View in explorer
  3. Scroll down on the new page and open the tab “BEP Token”
  4. Find the Elongate token and copy the contract adress
  5. Click on the Meta Mask Website Extension once again and add a custom token. In the address form, paste the address.
  6. Select add token. Congrats!

Is Elongate safe to buy?

No, because all investments are risky. By investing you are putting your money on risk, so be careful and wise, please. No matter how many platforms you use, investing is always a risky thing to do, so never use your only savings. Only money which you are sure you won’t need in short term. Invest only with money which you are ready to sacrafice.

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Should I invest in Elongate?

Let’s find the answer to your question by taking a short quizz:

  • Are you planning to invest money that belongs to your savings account?
  • Is the percentage that you are willing to invest, more than 30% of all the money you have?
  • Are you planning on buying something once-in-a-lifetime anytime soon?
  • If an accident happens, can the amount which you are willing to invest, be useful, needed, and life-saving?
  • Did you go through a life-changing event recently?
elongate - what is it and how to buy


If most of your asnwers are “Yes” – You most probalbly shouldn’t invest at all.

If most of your answers are “No” – Maybe you can, but it’s still a risk.

Be responsible. Be safe!

I can’t buy the Elongate token. What to do?

Update: As of March 28th, the PancakeSwap system states the following error when attempting to buy the token:

The transaction cannot succeed due to error: PancakeRouter: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.”

This is a message which all users recieve right now because everyone is buying the token. Here is how to resolve the Elongate problem:
1. Set a custom slippage percentage.
How to buy crypto token elongate error message
How to buy crypto token elongate error message
You have to set up this before you press “Swap”. Set it to 10%,11%,12%,13%,14% or 15%. 11% worked for me.
2. Once you sent a % you have to click the Swap button over and over and over and over again. Until you are able to do the trasaction. This is because a lot of people are buying right now and you are trying along with them too. The MetaMask extension will ask you to confirm the transaction. Be fast!

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