New Cryptocurrencies 2022: 8 Top New Coins and What to Know Before Buying Them

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New cryptocurrencies emerge on the market every day, making it hard for investors to pick from the wide variety. As with all financial investments, cryptocurrencies too come with a risk. But investors should be especially careful when buying newly emerged coins because those assets haven’t passed the test of time yet and may carry additional risks.

We’ll help you buy new cryptocurrencies, released in 2022, by explaining what you should look for in those investments and listing some new cryptocurrencies that have been attracting attention this year.

The Best Ways to Find New Cryptocurrencies 2022

Today everyone can create a crypto and from the growing number of newly emerging assets, it seems like almost everyone does. But how do you find new cryptocurrencies 2022? Centralized exchanges take a relatively long time to list new cryptocurrencies because they go through a detailed security verification process. While they are a few examples of new cryptos being listed immediately, most platforms will take at least few months to list a new coin. A decentralized exchange would be your better bet to find new cryptocurrencies in 2022 because there everyone can list tokens. But if you haven’t found the best platform for cryptos yet, and just want to look and not buy, here is where to start:

  • Learn about new cryptocurrency on social media: If a new token has a strong brand presence, it’ll be very easy to find a profile on social media and learn from the posts what the project is about. Crypto enthusiasts also use social media platforms as places to talk about assets that excite them or ones they don’t recommend. If you participate in groups or different chats in the crypto community, that’s a great way to learn about new cryptocurrency released in 2022.
  • Looking for new cryptos on data aggregators: Data aggregators collect information on specific topics and such places exist for crypto as well. The sites may provide you with different information about new cryptocurrencies that will help you decide if it’s worth buying. For example its market capitalization, all-time lows, and highs, price history, project details, and ROI.
  • Finding the best new cryptocurrency through an ICO: Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the way for companies to seek financial support from the community to release a new coin. The investors who participate in the ICO receive the new cryptocurrency token in return for their investment in the project. You can find new cryptocurrencies by following the ongoing ICOs. You don’t have to participate in the events but can still use them as a great information source.
  • Learning about new cryptocurrencies 2022 from airdrops: A crypto airdrop is an event where starting companies promote their new tokens by giving them away for free. You can find lists of upcoming airdrops online and through them get an idea of what new cryptocurrency will be released next in 2022.
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The Most Important Things to Look for When Investing in New Cryptocurrencies 2022

Excited investors keep declaring how every new cryptocurrency is “the next Bitcoin”. While some assets hold great potential, you should be careful with such bold statements. As we’ve mentioned, new cryptocurrencies released in 2022 haven’t had the time to prove their worth and safety just yet, so there are some things you should consider before buying them.

Information Provided by the New Cryptocurrency’s Developers

The first thing you should do before investing in a new cryptocurrency is to research what data the creators of the coin have provided about it. A new cryptocurrency should have:

  • Website: If a project doesn’t have a presentable website or doesn’t provide any information about its creators, any contacts, or basic data, then you should be careful with it. Creating a company’s website is the best way to present its product and if the creators haven’t put the effort or don’t want to associate themselves with the projects, something may not be right with it.
  • Whitepaper: All legitimate new cryptocurrencies 2022 should have a whitepaper. This document is released by the developers and explains the technology and purpose of the new project. If the new crypto’s creators didn’t explain why and how they created the coin, nobody can do.
  • Roadmap: A good new cryptocurrency project must also release a roadmap on its company’s site that explains its strategy and future goals. This way investors can know what to look forward to from the coin.
  • Use cases: Some cryptocurrencies have real-life use cases, for example, you can use them to buy coffee. Others you can use online to pay for game items. The developers of a new crypto asset should provide information about its use cases so investors can know what they can do with them after purchase.

Information Provided by Online Tools and Websites About New Tokens

After you’ve learned what the creators of the cryptocurrency you’re interested in have provided, you can check external sources. 

  • Market Data: Websites provide market data, such as liquidity and circulating and total supplies of a coin. It may take a few days after a new cryptocurrency is released to be featured on such a website, but having this information is essential.
  • Tools that analyze new coin information: Online you can find websites that provide information such as are the new cryptocurrencies sellable in 2022, analysis of liquidity, information about holders, and more. Sites such as Token Sniffer can help you avoid misleading projects, by scanning them for known crypto scams.
  • Price charts and reports: If you’re going to trade cryptocurrency, you need to learn to read price charts, even on a basic level, and follow reports. The information about the crypto’s market movements may not predict its price but will definitely help you gain more insight. New cryptocurrencies 2022 may not have long price history but it’s still recommended to research how they’ve behaved on the market from their release to the day you’re going to buy them.

Internet Computer (ICP)

Keep in mind that a new cryptocurrency may have the information we’ve listed and still not be a reliable investment or perform poorly at some point. Look at Internet Computer (ICP) – the new cryptocurrency was released in 2021, during the wild bull run, and reached $750 as soon as it hit the market. The project has all the essential information released by its team, cryptocurrency prediction sites were extremely hopeful for its future potential and yet, it still plunged and hasn’t been able to recover yet. 


Around the same time as ICP, SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) cryptocurrency was released and also recorded massive gains that haven’t been repeated since. Part of the crypto community also accuses this crypto of being a scam, after the crypto migrated to a new address and people reported  missing safemoon from their wallets. The mentioned cryptocurrencies may rise again in more favorable market conditions but are good examples of new cryptocurrency projects that otherwise look totally okay but still have had issues.

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8 Hot New Cryptocurrencies 2022 to Keep an Eye On

Now that you know what you should look for in a new cryptocurrency released in 2022, here are some that look promising. It’s very early to predict how they’ll perform on the market, but it’s possible some to turn out to be the best new cryptocurrencis from 2022.

  1. ApeCoin (APE)
  2. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)
  3. Quarashi (QUA)
  4. X2Y2 (X2Y2)
  5. Metacyber (METAC)
  6. Kasta (KASTA)
  7. Seesaw (SSW)
  8. CryptoMines Reborn (CRUX)

ApeCoin (APE)

Let’s start off with one of the most notable new cryptocurrency performers – ApeCoin. This crypto was listed by the major exchanges almost as soon as it hit the market, which is a precedent for a new cryptocurrency. APE’s popularity isn’t accidental though, the token was released by the creators behind one of the most popular NFT collections – The Bored Ape Yacht Club. ApeCoin was created for the ApeCoin DAO where holders vote on how the ecosystem fund should be used. Investors expect ApeCoin to be one of the best new cryptocurrencies because of its connection to the famous NFT and its potential as a Web 3.0 coin.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a crypto lottery game that promises that “everyone is a winner”. The crypto lottery’s native token is called LBLOCK and it’s used for purchasing lottery tickets for the daily prize draw as well as jackpots are paid in it. The token can be considered one of the promosing new cryptocurrencies 2022 because the concept of a lottery run on blockchain seems to appeal to investors, seeking faster transactions, and the use case of the token may grow along with the game.

Quarashi (QUA)

Quarashi is a platform that provides a crypto wallet, decentralized exchange, VPN, browser, chat, and airdrops, all aiming to improve cryptocurrency adoption. The native token of the platform, QUA, is designed to be used in those elements. Using the token, the platform works as both a messaging app and a crypto wallet. The is one of the new cryptocurrencies 2022, that traders can use as a tool for internet privacy processes. 

X2Y2 (X2Y2)

The new cryptocurrency X2Y2 is a token from an NFT platform with the same name. The token will be used on the platform by NFT buyers and sellers to subsidize the transaction-generated gas fees. Additionally, staking the token will earn you a market fee reward and X2Y2 token reward. As NFTs are only becoming more popular, artists and collectors look for cheaper places to buy them, so the new cryptocurrency in 2022 may prove a useful investment, being a part of a promising platform.

Metacyber (METAC) 

Metacyber is one of the new cryptocurrencies 2022 entering the Metaverse. The platform has its own videogame and uses its token, METAC, as payment in it. Players can also buy and sell NFTs and virtual land. These opportunities may make METAC a new cryptocurrency worth considering if the platform’s goals are achieved as they have announced.

Kasta (KASTA)

Kasta is on the list of the best new cryptocurrencies 2022 because the platform behind the token KASTA seems to promise what many crypto traders look for – a convenient way to send and receive cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency can be used for payments on the platform, providing users with benefits and discounts.

Seesaw (SSW)

Seesaw Finance claims to provide different services for users who want to manage their assets in a decentralized and open way. The platform has its own token, SSW, used as a transaction bonus for holders. Using the Seesaw Protocol, and its token, users will be able to choose which blockchain to run their transactions on, avoiding the pricy gas fees some blockchains come with. This is one of the new cryptocurrencies 2022 that may become popular quickly if its platform succeeds to deliver its promises.

CryptoMines Reborn (CRUX)

CryptoMines Reborn is a play-to-earn game in which you must acquire NFTs to be a part of the ecosystem and enter the Metaverse of the game. You must buy its token CRUX to be able to participate in the ecosystem, buying the in-game token Dark Matter, which is used to play the game. This is another new cryptocurrency in 2022 that tackles the Metaverse and it may be a winning one, considering the rate with which the projects involving virtual reality are being adopted at the moment.

What Are the Best New Cryptocurrencies 2022?

Less than half the year has passed and so many new cryptocurrencies have emerged in 2022. It can be difficult to choose and even if a project seems credible, as it still may bring you losses or turn out to be a scam. You should be very careful with assets that haven’t proven their worth and utility. Here we gave you some new cryptocurrencies released in 2022 whose progress you should follow even if you don’t buy them today. Don’t take our word for it, nor anyone’s, conduct your own extensive research and only then invest in new cryptocurrencies.

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