Web 3.0 Investments: Top Stocks for 2022

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We can’t blame you if you want to become part of the next stage of the Internet. But if you’re still not sure how, we’re here to tell you. It’s by Web 3.0 investments. Today many top Web 3.0 companies and startups provide their stocks for public trading so you can buy them and become a part of the Web evolution.

In this article, we’ve gathered some companies whose shares you can consider as top Web 3.0 investments but we’ll also explain how to invest in Web 3.0 for those of you who aren’t as knowledgeable. Let’s get started because we can’t afford to be left behind in this fast-paced movement to the new Internet!

Web 3.0 Investments: What’s That?

We’ll explain how to invest in Web 3.0 and provide some Web 3.0 investments in the form of top stocks. However, let’s first clarify what Web 3.0 is. 

Web 1.0 was the earliest stage of the Internet when most pages were static and users just consumed the content. Then we got to Web 2.0, our current version of the Web. Now we create the content and communicate through various forms online. Then what’s Web 3.0 going to be? According to movement enthusiasts, this is going to be the next stage of the Internet where by using blockchain technology users will benefit from security, scalability, and privacy, in a peer-to-peer environment. That means that Web 3.0 won’t be controlled by big corporations or governments, as the current Internet is. Instead, using DeFi, crypto, DAOs, and other evolving technologies, the new Internet will provide a more equal place for its users.

Doesn’t freedom online sound superb? Many are critical of the way the Internet may go but just as many are excited to welcome the new Web. That’s why more people are wondering how to invest in Web 3.0, to join the craze earlier, and what are the best Web 3.0 investments. Here we’ll tackle exactly this.

How to Invest in Web 3.0

As we’ve mentioned, one of the key technologies behind Web 3.0 is blockchain. This technology was introduced by Bitcoin back in 2009. And though many companies adopted it and started incorporating it into different aspects of their businesses, it’s still most often connected to cryptocurrencies. That’s why crypto is also one of the ways how to invest in Web 3.0. There are certain cryptocurrencies that are involved in the transition to the new Web and by investing in them, you could become a part of the Web 3.0 movement as well.

Cryptocurrencies that make good Web 3.0 investments are Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), Polygon (MATIC), Filecoin (FIL), Decentraland (MANA), and Theta Network (THETA). If you’re wondering how to invest in Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies, it’s simple – pick one of the best platforms for crypto trading, make an account, and purchase your coins there. Then you can either store them in a built-in wallet if such is provided or in a separate digital wallet. After the process is complete you’ll have your Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies and thus become a part of the Internet evolution!You’ve got another option for how to invest in Web 3.0 besides crypto. If you’re looking for less volatile Web 3.0 investments, then the stocks of companies in the sector are definitely a suitable choice. Here you’ll have to research if the stocks of your chosen company are traded publicly. If they are, you can purchase them at different exchanges or online brokerages after making an account. And that’s it – you’ll gain early access to Web 3.0 by getting involved with the companies that are trying to speed this transition.

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Top Stocks as the Best Web 3.0 Investments

You already know the easiest ways how to invest in Web 3.0 – through crypto and stocks. Here we’ll be focusing on the top stocks as Web 3.0 investments. However, we’d like to take a moment to mention something. This new Internet movement started gaining popularity fairly recently and just in the last few years got recognized as viable. That doesn’t mean companies didn’t join the craze, on the contrary – there are many top Web 3.0 companies and startups. 

But because blockchain technology and those businesses are fairly new, you may not be able to find their stocks for public trading just yet. That’s why here you’ll find more different technology companies than those that feature blockchain or other specifically Web 3.0-related innovations. Those are equally important though because they provide the fundamental hardware and software for this movement. And besides, we’ll be mentioning some established companies so they could serve as more stable Web 3.0 investments, and what’s better than that.

List of Web 3.0 Investments: Top Stocks

  1. Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN)
  2. Nvidia (NVDA)
  3. TE Connectivity (TEL)
  4. Unity Technologies (U)
  5. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
  6. Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies (CLGUF)
  7. Graph Blockchain Inc. (REGRF)

Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN)

We’ll begin our Web 3.0 investments list by combining the two ways how to invest in Web 3.0: crypto and stocks. Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges as well as a company with publicly traded shares, meaning you could invest in its top stocks. This company is investing in Web 3.0 startups as well as integrating different services related to the evolution of the Internet on its own platform. We think those reasons make it one of the interesting Web 3.0 investments, right?

Nvidia (NVDA)

You’ve probably heard of the next company on our top Web 3.0 investment lists and it’s likely you own something they’ve made – that’s Nvidia. This company designs graphic processing units (GPUs), application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as system on chip units (SOCs), all for different markets. It’s on our list because of the many industries it deals with, including cloud computing, AI, video games, and even crypto mining (their graphic cards are very widely used for it). But what makes the top stocks of this company worth considering, is the Nvidia Omniverse platform, specifically designed for Web 3.0 developers to build their metaverse products.

TE Connectivity (TEL)

Another among the list of top Web 3.0 investments is TE Connectivity. This company designs and manufactures connectors and sensors for different industries, mainly for the communications, transportation, and industrial sectors. It could prove influential in the 5G rollout as it provides connectivity solutions, hence its name, enabling users to enjoy next-generation Internet. You can definitely consider the stocks of this company as a way how to invest in Web 3.0 since 5G is going to be essential for the distribution of the evolved Web.

Unity Technologies (U)

The stocks Unity Technologies, also known as Unity Software, are on our list of Web 3.0 investments because it’s closely connected to video games and AR. The company develops 3D video games for mobile and PC, as well as augmented reality devices. We’ve mentioned the metaverse in our previous stock, but we can’t miss talking about it here too, as it’d be a crucial part of the Web 3.0 and thus Unity will also participate in the new Internet through it, as it provides the architecture for participating and developing in the metaverse.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

Next on our top stocks list is Advanced Micro Devices – a company that develops semiconductor computer chips and technologies for leading tech businesses and consumer markets. Is that enough to be one of the Web 3.0 investments here? It is but there’s more! This company is focusing more and more on blockchain – the leading Web 3.0 technology. Advanced Micro Devices is expanding its blockchain compute solutions by partnering with different businesses in the field. That means by buying its stocks, you may be partaking in the next Internet.

Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies (CLGUF)

Here’s one exception to the rule we mentioned in the beginning – a Web 3.0 investment that got its shares on the stock market very quickly. This is a decentralized network and data storage Canadian tech company specifically catered toward Web 3.0 (hence its name). It provides a limitless VPN but what’s more, at the end of 2021 it entered the metaverse where it now provides educational recourses about cybersecurity, blockchain, and NFTs. According to the website of this business, its main goal is to educate the community about the upcoming Internet change and provide them with a safe and transparent environment. But what’s more, the shares of Cloud Nine are still very cheap, being in their early days on the market, which can make them a very lucrative investment for some.

Graph Blockchain Inc. (REGRF)

Seems like Canada is really serious about the new internet movement, as another one of the top Web 3.0 investments is also a company from there. What Graph Blockchain Inc. does is allow investors to access newer altcoins, while it also deals with DeFi and it recently acquired an augmented reality NFT company. The brand is the owner of various other companies that may take part in the next Web, like an AI crypto analytics tool company and a cloud-based search engine. Like the previous stock we mentioned, this one is also quite low in price yet, meaning if it rides the Web 3.0 successfully, early investors may benefit from it as well.

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We Can’t Forget These Web 3.0 Investments

We’ve tried to mention some companies that are either working to bring Web 3.0 or somehow will be involved in the new Internet. However, there are some major tech players who we can’t miss because Web 2.0, 3.0, or even 4.0, they’re likely to remain. Those are:

💾 Apple (APPL)

💾 Twitter (TWTR)

💾 Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

💾 Meta Platforms, Inc. (META)

💾 Block (SQ)


Buying the stocks of these companies will likely secure your a spot in the new online era but also diversify your investment portfolio with the top stocks of some established brands.

Will You Join the New Internet Wave With These Web 3.0 Investments?

You now know that the easiest ways how to invest in Web 3.0 would be through cryptocurrencies or the stocks of companies that operate in the field. Did any of the Web 3.0 investments listed here catch your eye? If you decide to invest in any of the listed companies here, or you find different ones to your liking that we didn’t mention, you’ll definitely be getting early access to the new Internet.

We can’t be certain that Web 3.0 will look exactly how the visionaries are imagining it – private, equal, secure. But that does sound like a utopia, right? Choosing one of the listed Web 3.0 investments or supporting this evolution, in general, will bring this great vision closer to fulfillment. Whether you decide to partake in the next stage of the online space, or you want to just closely keep an eye on it, make sure to follow the listed Web 3.0 investments here as well as the whole movement, since something great is coming and if you blink, you may have missed it.

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